Escape from Tarkov

Shroud can only laugh as “epic” Escape from Tarkov hacker ‘outplays’ him

by Isaac McIntyre
Battlestate Games / Mixer: shroud


Mixer streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek could only laugh as he was gunned down by an Escape from Tarkov player blatantly using an aimbotting program to get the upper hand in Battlestate’s competitive hardcore FPS.

Escape from Tarkov took the gaming world by storm last month as streamers like Summit1g and Dr Disrespect tried their hand at the hardcore shooter. The player base tripled as a result of the attention, and that boost seems to have brought an influx of hackers who want to win at any cost.

Shroud — who is certainly no stranger to accuracy after earning himself the title ‘the human aimbot’ during his time as a CSGO pro — stumbled across one such hacker during his stream on February 3, and all he could do was laugh.

Mixer: shroud
Shroud was left stunned at how blatantly his opponent was using an aimbot in Escape from Tarkov.


Irony as shroud falls victim an aimbot

The Mixer star had loaded into TerraGroup Labs, a high-level Tarkov map which has a cost to enter, and boasts some of the best loot in the game, when he stumbled across the “crazy” cheater in one of the labs’ dark hallways.

Grzesiek had been enjoying some decent success while playing as his main character, with a handful of kills and some well-earned loot tucked into his backpack, when he heard someone running straight at him from around the corner.


Although shroud’s reflexes are quick, even two years after his retirement from pro play, there was nothing he could do as the offending player barrelled around the corner at full pelt, and landed a single headshot to kill the Mixer star.

“Okay, that guy is cheating… that guy is aimbotting,” shroud said immediately after the snap shot. “I was wondering why he was just f**king running at me like that, but that makes sense. That scared the f**k out of me, a goddamn jump scare.”

Battlestate Games
Shroud made sure to flag the cheater with Battlestate Games after he died.


High-tier loot brings out the Tarkov cheaters

With how quick and sudden the death was, shroud could only react with laughter as he pieced together the puzzle. Once he stopped chuckling, he admitted cheating was rampant on that map: “Welcome to Labs, where cheaters cheat.”

Shroud seemed to have accepted his fate and begun preparing for another PMC run into Tarkov, when he realized that he knew the offender’s name, and could probably use that to make sure he couldn’t ruin anyone else’s runs.

“You know, I could probably get that guy banned actually, I just sent a message over to the Battlestate PR guy,” shroud revealed. “The pros of being a streamer is that guy is probably being banned. The cons are he threw me back in the lobby.”

Battlestate Games
Shroud fell victim to the blatant aimbotter while looking for loot in the Labs.

All shroud can do is laugh about the kill

Even after reporting the offender, and preparing for another run, shroud couldn’t seem to get the aimbotter out of his head, and kept laughing about how blatantly he had run towards him, and not even hidden the cheating program.

“The second I peeked this, I’m like ‘okay, this guy is full sprinting at me,’ and then boop! I’ve never had that happen before, that’s crazy,” shroud laughed. 

“That’s f**king nuts. Look at this guy, I love it. That is epic stuff right there. That’s good, that’s a good laugh,” he added, before joking about sharing the hack. “Shame he didn’t share it with me, we could have taken on the server together!”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 6:49 in the video below.

Not even hackers can stop shroud playing Tarkov

While some people might be disillusioned with a game after coming up against someone with such an obvious cheating program installed, shroud has been playing Escape from Tarkov nearly non-stop since he discovered it last year.

After the initial surge, many streamers put the hardcore shooter back on the shelf – just like the Mixer star predicted back on January 5 – but Grzesiek has basically become the poster boy for the title, playing it every time he streams.

So, of course, he loaded back into another raid, though this time he was a little more careful storming through Labs in search of the best loot in the game, “just in case [he got] cheated on again” by someone blatantly hacking.