How to raise Escape From Tarkov strength skill quickly after stat reset

Battlestate Games

An Escape from Tarkov player has revealed how fellow players can quickly level up their strength stats after the recent stat reset – all by using a little help from their friends.

In their previous updates to Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate Games made a number of big changes – including changing the overweight system, adding additional sounds for when a player is out of stamina, and tweaks to the leveling principles.

One of the leveling changes came for strength, with the max weight at which players would rank up the statistics being sent all the way up to max overweight, before coming down to medium. Since then, the weight needed has been changed again – but players have found a clever work out routine to level up quickly.

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Battlestate Games
Stat resets do annoy plenty of Escape from Tarkov players.

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The tip was posted to the Escape From Tarkov subreddit by Reddit user nekrosys93, who noted that players can easily level up their strength to level three by fighting a friend in a raid who is in the same position.

All the players need to do is carry a backpack with 126 grenades – though it doesn’t matter what type they are – as well as an A-2607 butter knife. Once the selected raid starts, players then have to throw seven of these grenades away pretty quickly. 

After that, the two players need to meet up in a spot and begin attacking each other – aiming for the left arm and leg – until they are out of stamina. At this point, attacks can continue, but you’ll gain skill points until one player dies. 

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From there, the other player has to die as well, though they can loot a little if they want to subside the cost. According to nekrosys93, this method will grant players around 3.5 skill points, which will certainly help you towards level three.

Though, as getting to level three costs 60 skill points, it might be a bit of a hard slog so be prepared to grit your teeth and level up – unless Battlestate changes things again in the meantime. Then, we’ll have to find another clever trick.