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How to fix Escape from Tarkov helmet visors cracks without repairs

Published: 3/Apr/2020 3:26

by Isaac McIntyre


There’s plenty of annoying things in Battlestate’s hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov, but many fans agree one of the worst is unfixable cracks in a helmet visor ⁠— here’s how to remove them without paying for repairs.

Escape from Tarkov prides itself on its realism. From having to load each individual bullet for your clips before you put it in a rifle, to one-shot deaths, and of course broken helmet visors, there’s plenty of hyper-real mechanics.

That doesn’t mean every EFT player loves having to replace your protective helmet screen every time you’re in a brutal firefight, especially with how much some vendors charge for a quick-fix. It can get pretty steep to keep repairing them.


Fully-kitted out armor and helmets are vital in Escape from Tarkov's punishing player-vs-player raids.
Battlestate Games
Fully-kitted out armor and helmets are vital in Escape from Tarkov’s punishing player-vs-player raids.

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There are three vendors that will fix your helmets ⁠— cheap salesman Prapor (₽1,000-2,000), as well as Skier (₽2,000-4,000) and Mechanic (₽4,000-6,000). While they may charge you more to fix your helmet, there’s no guarantee it will remove cracks.

A full step-by-step guide can be found below, but remember ⁠— you’re trading spending cash for time, so don’t expect it to be an instant fix. There are a few steps, and you’re going to spend a bit of time in loading screens too.

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How to fix a broken visor for free

  1. Repair the broken helmet as per usual at Prapor, Skier, or Mechanic. This cost will vary based on damage, and rarity of gear.
  2. Buy insurance for the helmet at one of the vendors. We recommend using Prapor for this; the Russian dealer offers the cheapest prices.
  3. Load into an offline raid with the now-repaired helmet equipped.
  4. Put the visor up, and then down again. The default keybind for this action is usually ‘N,’ though you may have changed it.
  5. Un-equip the helmet, and leave it on the ground. If you were doing this in a live raid for whatever reason, make sure it’s well-hidden.
  6. Leave the raid via one of the extraction points.
  7. Once the helmet has been returned through insurance ⁠— this can sometimes take up to 24 hours ⁠— it should be all fixed!

So there you have it. If you’re looking to save a few Tarkov rubles by repairing your gear over buying it fresh every time, this will hopefully help.


Keep your helmet visor pristine and usable with this easy and free Escape from Tarkov workaround
Battlestate Games
Keep your Tarkov helmet visors pristine and usable with this easy and free workaround

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Unfortunately, there’s one thing we can’t solve for you: how you got the shattered helmet visor in the first place. Escape from Tarkov is an unforgiving world, and there’s no telling when your next fight may break your helmet guard again.

There are a few ways to guard against those dangers, however. Twitch streamer and Tarkov guru Pestily has revealed the fastest ways to rank up and get better gear, while Dexerto also has a guide on increasing your strength skill.