How to destroy Escape From Tarkov players using grenade launchers

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A useful new guide provides EFT players with precise aiming measurements for the grenade launchers scattered around Reserve that should let you rain explosives down on any enemies within range.

The three AGS 30×29 automatic grenade launchers found on the edges of Tarkov’s Reserve map can be fired in place by players. 

These static weapons, along with the mounted NSV heavy machine gun, are one of the features found on the abandoned military base and can be devastatingly effective when used correctly.

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When you look at the coverage map provided by Reddit user Barcode_88 below, the three launchers actually manage to cover all but the southeast corner of the base.

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Barcode even included the required arc needed to hit each of the buildings where players could be holed up. There are two different sets of numbers when you aim with the AGS, the first being the arc and the second the zeroing in of the shot.

Zeroing doesn’t affect where grenades land but it can make it easier to line up your shots, so as long as you have the arc right, your grenades should land in the general area that you’re trying to aim. 

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With a little practice, and maybe some help from a friend who doesn’t mind spotting, you too can carpet bomb areas for some easy dog tags and loot.

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For example, if you’re perched by the radar towers on the top of the map and spot an enemy scurrying towards the HQ building below, all you have to do is lock in an arc of -.02, let her rip, and see what you can hit.

One Reddit user also pointed out that the AGS can be used to clear out Gluhar, the NPC boss on Reserve, and his cronies with little risk if they spawn within range of the static weapons.

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Gluhar’s spawn locations on Reserve are all within range of the AGS mounts.

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While not all of Gluhar’s spawn points can be reached by the launchers, it’s still worth experimenting to see what actually works, since the boss and his followers can drop some pretty decent loot.

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You might not score a free kill every time with the AGS, but the simple fact that they’re on the map means it’s probably a good idea to check at least one out before rushing into the center.