Escape from Tarkov June 29 patch notes – New quests, bug fixes, more

EFT character shooting gunBattlestate Games

Battlestate Games, developers behind the wildly popular Escape from Tarkov, have revealed the June 29 patch notes for their tactical FPS title. 

Despite releasing the beta nearly four years ago, Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov has experienced a new lease of life on streaming platforms, with some of the world’s biggest entertainers making the switch over to the tactical FPS.

The support of the game’s developers has been widely praised, with regular updates added to keep the game fresh.

Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov has grown in popularity in the years since its release.

On June 29, Battlestate Games released a new EFT update patch with numerous bug fixes but, more interestingly, new quests for players to dive into. The patch was announced and released promptly, being completed by 11am EST on June 29.

The patch, which will make the game unavailable for approximately two hours, adds two new quests for Prapor, available after level 10.

However, that’s not all, as Battlestate confirmed there will be multiple bug fixes coming with the update. This includes a bug in which players were granted double damage when hitting enemies in the thorax, and a bug that inhibited Killa from shooting back in certain scenarios.

Finally, the update will feature various technical and stability fixes, hopefully, to minimize the amount of freezes players experience.

The developers confirmed the fixes have been implemented, and that Tarkov is now back live and the servers are running for all players. Be sure to drop in and provide your feedback, as well as highlighting any new issues you find!

Escape from Tarkov June 29 patch notes

  • Added 2 new quests for Prapor (available after level 10, right after “BP depot” quest)
  • Various improvements, optimizations and freeze fixes
  •  Technical fixes