Escape From Tarkov fans call on devs to fix major map exploit

Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov players have called for Battlestate Games to fix a major map exploit which allows enemies to ambush them in Ultra’s medical storage.

Good equipment can be hard to come by in Escape from Tarkov, with many players often competing on runs to get their hands on the most lucrative items.

One of the most valuable items EFT players can come across is a LEDX Skin Transilluminator, which is needed for players to complete quests and to upgrade their medical station.

Battlestate Games
Many players farm LEDX’s to make money in Escape from Tarkov.

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There are only a few places where the LEDX’s can spawn such as the medical storage room in Ultra shopping center, which requires players to find a key before entering.

Unfortunately, players have uncovered a map exploit at Ultra medical, allowing them to glitch inside the ceiling of the room without the need for a key and ambushing unsuspecting players.

A clip of the glitch in action was shared by EFT player u/Rocketlegz, who demonstrated just how little could be done to counter it after walking into the empty room before being blown up by their opponent’s grenade.

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“There is an exploit to enter the room without power or a key – I don’t know the exact details but he was able to scoop up all the loot and nade me and my mate,” they added.

The bug has left many players frustrated, who have to put in quite a bit of effort to even make to Ultra’s medical storage before being denied some of the incredible loot that the room has to offer.

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Although the game has had some bugs in the past, this major EFT map exploit is causing some players to potentially miss out on millions of Roubles and leaving any who encounter it stunned.

Escape from Tarkov fans have been calling out to Battlestate Games devs with hopes that the game-breaking map exploit will be patched in one of the game’s future updates.