Escape from Tarkov devs under fire for allegedly banning players who eliminate them in-game

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The Escape from Tarkov development team has come under fire after one player claimed they were banned after eliminating a developer in-game.

Escape from Tarkov has come a long way since it sky-rocketed in popularity thanks to the Twitch community back in early 2020 during the rise of Twitch Drops.

While Tarkov has enjoyed success in the years since, the game is not without its faults. Big problems like cheating and hacking have been an issue with the extraction game for some time.

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Now, the shooter is embroiled in controversy thanks to one player’s detailed account of what may have been an unjustified banning incident.

Escape from Tarkov claims they were banned for killing admin in-game

A post on the Escape from Tarkov subreddit went viral after a user claimed that they were immediately banned from the game after killing a developer in-game.

The original poster prefaced their statement and said, “I was playing with my friend on customs, my friend died to an admin (apparently they have their name written in blue) and I killed him right after. I was just about to loot the guys I killed when I got disconnected and permanently banned.”

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They provided substantial evidence which included screenshots and videos that seem to substantiate exactly what they claimed happened. Of course, these clips are fairly brief and could be taken out of context, so readers should keep that in mind as well. The player also provided a screenshot of the email notifying them of their ban shortly after the incident took place.

Interestingly, not long after the post gained traction among the community, the poster’s account was unbanned.

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According to a Reddit user by the name of SomeBSGguy who claimed to be a member of the Tarkov development team, they said a “false alarm triggered” and that “no one has banned him intentionally.”

Unfortunately for the player, it seems their account was reset in the process and they have not heard back from developer Battlestate Games about the issue. “BSG have not yet restored my character. I have tried contacting the two BSG employees that have been active in this thread, but no response from them. I know wipe is near, but still.”

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While the issue has been somewhat resolved, the Tarkov community is still up-in-arms about the incident, with many players saying the incident does not look good for BSG. The company has not made any official statement regarding the incident.

Dexerto has reached out to Battlestate Games, but has yet to receive a response at this time. The article will be updated with any further information.

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