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Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov 12.5 patch notes: Therapist service & framerate fix

Published: 26/Apr/2020 11:21 Updated: 27/Apr/2020 11:39

by Connor Bennett


Escape from Tarkov developers Battlestate Games have revealed what has been added coming in the newest update, patch 12.5 – with a few long-awaited changes finally hitting the live servers.

Even though the hype generated around Escape from Tarkov because of all the Twitch drops in early 2020 has faded a bit, the shooter and looter’s hardcore fanbase is still running raids.

In recent weeks, Battlestate has made changes to these raids with previous patches and with fans expecting a new update, they’ve revealed what has been added in the 12.5 patch. Although the patch has changed some popular features and mechanics, there are also a few highly anticipated changes dropping into Tarkov.

Exit camping in Escape from Tarkov with a sniper rifle on top of a roof
Battlestate Games
Scope changes are coming to Escape from Tarkov.

One of those long-awaited changes will come in the form of tweaks and optimization for optics. Players have noted that using a scope can tank their frame rate, and although some have found workarounds, things are officially changing. Variable zoom is also coming into play, though mouse sensitivity will play a part in that. 

There is also the addition of a ‘Therapist’ service following a raid. This will allow you to heal your character as soon as the raid ends, while also seeing which parts of the body you didn’t treat while they were damaged.

However, one change that should impact the playstyle of some raids will see players unable to use a new item until the use of a previous one is completed.

To some players, this suggests that there will be no more reloading and healing at the same, though, Battlestate hasn’t specified if this will be the case just yet.

Battlestate Games
The 12.5 patch will be followed by another significant update, 12.6, later this Summer.

When is the EFT 12.5 update?

Players had speculated that update 12.5 would drop at the start of May, however, the game went down for three hours so that it could receive the new update on Monday, April 27. 

The full patch notes, including bug fixes, for the 12.5 update can be found below, via Reddit.

Escape from Tarkov update 12.5 patch notes


  • Redesigned part of the optics functionality, which reduces the occurrence of errors and on some PC configurations gives an increase in performance while aiming.
  • Fixed some subsystems that could cause short-term freezes.
  • Various minor performance improvements


  • New Therapist service – quick treatment, available at the end of a raid. Allows you to heal the character immediately after the raid, as well as shows the sources of damage in untreated parts of the body in the raid.
  • “Hideout” and “main menu” are added to the panel at the bottom of the screen for quick access
  • In-game color correction settings (post-fx)
  • Various improvements to the UI layout
  • Added dependence of mouse sensitivity on the multiplicity of optics


  • Fixed one of the bugs where the grenade and its explosion were not visible
  • Fixed a bug with the missing image in optics after reconnect
  • Fixed a bug displaying the movement of the bots in the third person
  • Fixed a bug where money could be spent on insurance from the character’s inventory, and not from the stash
  • Fixed a bug that blocked the entire interface when calling the context menu
  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused the player to see the “Leaving the game” error before the end of the raid
  • Bolt-action sniper rifles have a shot sound delay removed
  • Fixed a bug where the sharpness setting was reset
  • Fixed an exploit with a door pushing the player out at an Interchange that allowed you to get into a locked pharmacy
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the map if you zoom in and out
  • Fixed incorrect display of a third-person grenade throw
  • Adjusted the position of the weapon behind the character’s back
  • Fixed a minor bug that turned on the flashlight when getting into the Hideout
  • Fixed cursor position offset when dragging windows (inspector menu\looting interfaces) for 2K resolution
  • Fixed a bug that left the inspector window open if you close it via ESC
  • Fixed a bug where aspect ratio changed every time the game was launched
  • Fixed a bug where the stock of weapons in the inventory does not fold if the player is holding a melee weapon
  • Fixed a bug where the context menu on the map screen disappeared
  • Various bug fixes on locations
  • Many different fixes in the interfaces
  • Various bug fixes for AI behavior
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Location map moved from the matching screen to a separate button
  • Now, when using items, the use of the new item is blocked until the use of the previous one is completed
Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect explains what Warzone could learn from Escape from Tarkov

Published: 12/Jan/2021 16:55

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect is never one to keep an opinion to himself on the big shooter games and the same goes for Warzone, as he’s pointed the game’s developers could learn a thing or two from Escape from Tarkov. 

EFT has been up and down in terms of popularity in the last 12 months, enjoying purple patches where streamers like xQc, Summit1g, and shroud have jumped in to boost its popularity. One of those big personalities was Doc, who played Tarkov multiple times for his audience to watch along.

His stint on it was never really consistent enough to call it his main game, whereas Warzone has been a staple of the Champions Club streams for some time.

Now though, the Two-Time has singled out one feature where the Call of Duty title just doesn’t compare.

Warzone character skydiving without a parachute
Warzone has had many major updates since Black Ops Cold War released, but audio issues remain present.

Dr Disrespect on Warzone audio issues

During his YouTube stream on January 11, the self-proclaimed best video gamer in the world lashed out at the battle royale’s audio after a defeat. He claimed that it made it sound like opponents were 100 feet away in a warehouse, before creeping up on him.

He said: “A game like Escape from Tarkov, a game that has perfect audio, blows this game’s audio out by 500% – trust me.

“Trust me, any real gamer would say the same thing. It blows this audio out by like a thousand, but the reason why is because it caters to (competitive players). You hear something at a distance, a shot, footstep, you hear it!”

The streamer proceeded to imitate the sound in Warzone, making loud beatbox-style noises with his mic.

Discussion starts at 1:12:48 in the video below. 

This isn’t the first game that Doctor Disrespect’s had a problem with, from an audio standpoint. Almost all battle royale games have come under fire at the hands of the Two-Time, who has previously mocked Fortnite, Apex Legends, and others for the same thing.

It appears that Escape from Tarkov – despite not being as popular a game as Activision’s – is one that he actually admires.

Whether or not future updates will address the issue he’s highlighted remains to be seen, but until that time it looks like he’s going to have some big frustrations on Verdansk and Rebirth Island.