Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov devs give players huge compensation for server issues

by Michael Gwilliam
Battlestate Games


Battlestate Games is awarding players with 1 million in-game rubles after Escape from Tarkov suffered some poor server issues during the February 8 weekend.

Taking to Twitter, the Russian studio apologized to players for having to deal with “unstable server performance.” They went on to announce that as compensation, players would be receiving one million rubles.

Players will be receiving a letter with the compensation over the course of the next three days, which means all the compensation should be sent out by February 13.


“This letter is stored in the game mail for 48 hours from the moment you log in to the game,” the company explained in a follow-up reply.

Battlestate apologized further and stated that they are working tirelessly to improve the game experience. They noted, however, that it’s not always up to them to fix it, implying that other companies could have been responsible for the server issues.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding,” they concluded.


Still, for a game in beta, the Escape from Tarkov developers are going out of their way to accommodate players who may have had unpleasant experiences due to server challenges.

A lot of the player base responded kindly to the announcement, such as AviusL: “Thank you for keeping us updated so fast every time there's an issue. Much appreciated.”

Twitch streamer JERICHO also pleasantly replied, stating he would be going on a shopping spree.

Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov players are 1 million rubles richer.


Others, however, complained that the server issues were still ongoing and pondered if the developers would be awarding yet another million rubles to players in the next few days, on top of what they've already offered as compensation.

Escape from Tarkov has become one of Twitch’s most popular games of 2020, but these hiccups could really hurt a lot of the success the game has had if they continue.

Still, if you can get online, be sure to claim your million rubles if you get a chance, as all that money could come in handy once the servers regain their stability.