Escape from Tarkov dev reveals Dr Disrespect getting his own item in-game

Dr Disrespect in escape from tarkovYouTube/DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect appears to be joining Escape From Tarkov in some capacity after the game’s director posted an in-game image connected to the two-time.

When it comes to streamers, there may be none more dynamic than Dr Disrespect. The YouTuber’s broadcasts take on a life of their own with the streamer traveling to his own arena to battle others in competitive multiplayer games.

One of the Doc’s most intriguing elements, however, has to be his iconic look. With bold shades, a red vest and mullet – the two-time is easily recognizable and stands out in a crowd.

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Now, his very vest seems to be making its way to Escape From Tarkov after Battle State Games’ Studio Head Nikita Buyanov tweeted a photo of a new in-game item.

dr-disrespect-tarkov-biggest-gripeYouTube/Dr Disrespect / Battlestate Games
Dr Disrespect could be getting his own item in Escape From Tarkov.

Dr Disrespect content coming to Escape From Tarkov

On June 3, Buyanov posted an in-game photo of Doc’s red vest with the caption “you all know.” The image was even retweeted by Dr Disrespect himself, seemingly confirming the suspicions.

It’s not clear to what extent the item will function, but this is hardly the first time a Doc-related item has appeared in a game. Borderlands 3 actually has a gun and character inspired by him and Doc received his very own skin and map in Rogue Company.

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Despite the latter two items being well-received by fans, however, some users aren’t too happy with Doc getting content in Tarkov.

Tarkov players confused by Dr Disrespect item

In the comments, some users voiced their displeasure with the two-time’s vest, claiming that other Tarkov streamers deserved to be honored before the banned Twitch star.

“Bit of a kick in the teeth when you have so many streamers who deserve a streamer item who give their life to this game,” one said. “And you give one to the Doc. whos played this game what 3 times?”

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“I love the Doc but there are other streamers who dedicate their lives to this game and deserve a place in it more than him,” commented another.

Of course, it is possible that other streamer cosmetics could be making their way to the game in a future update, but until then, it’s all speculation.

In any case, it will be fun to see how Tarkov fans can bring their own violence, speed, and momentum to the game with a new custom item in the near future.

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