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Escape from Tarkov adds PPSh and Colt 1911 to celebrate end of WW2

Published: 9/May/2020 1:42

by Bill Cooney


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War 2, Battlestate games are giving players the chance to use two of the most iconic weapons from the conflict.

Battlestate Games surprised players on May 8 by announcing that the legendary PPSh-41 submachine gun and Colt M1911 pistol would be available starting May 9 to commemorate Victory Day in Russia.

On the Eastern Front, the PPSh played a crucial role in helping the Red Army push the Nazis back into Berlin. On the other side of Europe, millions of American G.I.’s trusted their Colt 1911’s with their lives, and Tarkov players can now get their hands on both.

Battlestate Games
The Colt 1911 chambers a .45 AMP round, which is why some refer to it as the “Colt 45.”

First we’ll start off with the good old 1911 which served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Army from 1911 to 1986.

The Colt takes a .45 AMP round, which means it shares the same ammunition as the Heckler and Koch USP and the recently introduced Kriss Vector Gen 2.

To get the Colt M1911, players will have to purchase it from Peacekeeper, the UN-employed weapons dealer specializing in Western and NATO hardware.

Battlestate Games
The PPSh is famous for its drum magazine, but there were also variations that used a box magazine.

Next up is the PPSh, which was developed by the USSR in 1941. By war’s end, the Soviet Union had produced over six million of the guns in their fight against the Nazis.

Chambering a 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol round, the PPSh is capable of spraying out substantial damage at close range, but is only accurate to about 150 meters.

Historical variants came with either a 35-round box magazine or 71-round drum magazine, and since the game likes to be as realistic as possible, we can probably expect to see both available when the weapon arrives. Players can purchase the PPSh from Prapor, Tarkov’s resident Eastern Bloc weapons vendor.

So, whether you prefer the utilitarian Colt, the classic wood-grain of the PPSh, or just want to pick up both, be sure to log into Tarkov on May 9 and celebrate Victory Day in style.

Escape from Tarkov

How to access Escape from Tarkov’s early test server

Published: 13/Nov/2020 16:30 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 0:48

by Lauren Bergin


Battlestate Games have always been about building a fun community, but now they’re letting players influence the game design itself by launching the Escape from Tarkov Early Test Server. 

Escape from Tarkov’s developers, Battlestate Games, has always had a reputation for communicating with the game’s fanbase. By doing this, they’ve formed a dedicated community of players and fans who truly live and breathe the game.

These fans know that the updates for Tarkov are few and far between, normally coming in big chunks instead of occasional drip-fed updates. The announcement of new guns in early November certainly caused a stir, especially with Streets of Tarkov still looming somewhere on the horizon.

To add to the excitement, Tarkov’s devs have come up with an interesting way of including their fans in the development process: the Early Test Server.

Battlestate Games
Streets of Tarkov is hopefully coming soon, but fans may be included in its development

What is the Early Test Server?

The Tarkov early test program works similarly to the PBE in LoL or Experimental Mode in Overwatch. As Battlestate’s tweet says, the ETS allows players to “test and run new features, content, and updates before they appear in the game, and allow players to contribute to the world of Escape from Tarkov.”

Additionally, it will help the devs identify any bugs or fixes in a tighter timeframe. Therefore, it will help ensure that any new updates are as polished as possible.

How to access the Early Test Server

In order to participate in the Early Test Server, you must have an active copy of Escape from Tarkov.

To become a part of the Early Test server, simply follow these steps:

  • Activate the launcher.
  • Fill in the ETS form.
  • Await notification that you’ve been selected.

It’s great to see the game’s devs reaching out to their fans to ensure that the Tarkov experience is the best it can be. So, if you fancy shaping the face of Tarkov, apply for the ETS: The possibilities are limitless!