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Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov 0.12.11 patch notes: bug fixes, raid changes, more

Published: 1/Jul/2021 0:35 Updated: 8/Jul/2021 13:19

by Nick Farrell


Escape From Tarkov is bringing a lot of exciting changes and additions to their game with patch 0.12.11. A fresh server wipe, new additions and multiple bug fixes are more than enough reasons for fans to get amped! 

The hardcore survival battle royale, Escape From Tarkov, has seen some staggering highs in recent years, being the modern-day successor to other survival games such as Day Z – and its no secret that developers Battlestate Games have done an excellent job at maintaining their game.

Now, players worldwide will be experiencing a server wipe with patch 0.12.11, and this is one of the largest patches in the game’s existence. With a ton of quality of life changes and improvements to the game, we’re going to run over all the news down below.


Battlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov is one of the most difficult games to aim in!

0.12.11 patch notes

Battlestate Games have posted around half of the patch notes thus far over on their forum page. They’ve refrained from posting all the notes for now, as they want players to explore all the new content for themselves first.

However, in the meantime, we have a flurry of changes that we can run over, and some of these are listed down below:


  • In some cases players wouldn’t spawn even after successful matching and would get back to the main menu.
  • Totally silent movement of Shturman and his guards.
  • The player hung on a blank screen after pressing the “Back” button on the treatment screen after a raid.
  • The progress of the “Crafting” skill diverged between the client and the backend after production was completed.
  • Inventory and animation of the player’s hands hung when the player tried to move a cartridge from the chamber of the weapon in his hands to a full stack of ammunition.
  • The difference in the actions of the character when switching between pressing and holding the keys. Strong and weak grenade throws now work the same way: held down the key, thrown by releasing the key, and does not depend on the aiming settings.
  • The mods locked behind a quest did not unlock on the purchase screen for presets even after completing the quest.
  • Saiga 12 and PP-9 Klin stocks would get folded together with a quick drop of the backpack.
  • Inventory and animation of the player’s hands hung if the player simultaneously opened the door with a key and threw a grenade.
  • The transfer screen from scav layered onto the main menu screen after restarting the game on the transfer screen.
  • The player could not go sideways through the doorway.
  • Filters for food and medicine that did not work in the player’s stash.
  • The “Apply” button on the treatment screen after a raid was active even when no treatment type was selected.
  • Player wouldn’t get out of ADS mode when chamber-loading the gun.
  • Medkits that removed the negative effect from a non-priority limb and left the priority limb untreated.
  • Hands freeze when reloading some weapons via the context menu.
  • Commission for putting a cultist knife with an incomplete supply of poison to the flea market.
  • Discrete shadow movement from distant objects on high settings.
  • Ability to load weapons with unexamined ammunition.
  • The edit pocket map marker window did not close after loading into the raid.
  • The lamp did not break for other players if you break it with a melee weapon.
Battlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov has a large focus on raids, which were fixed this patch!


  • Physics optimization.
  • Various graphics optimizations.
  • Various server optimizations.

You can view the full patch notes here, and we will be sure to update this page when more notes come through later on!