Escape from Tarkov

Dr Disrespect reveals what his dream Escape from Tarkov map would be

by Brent Koepp
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Battlestate Games


Twitch megastar Dr Disrespect shared his idea for an Escape from Tarkov Map during his February 7 broadcast, and explained how his concept would be perfect for the popular FPS.

Dr Disrespect sits at the top alongside Twitch's most watched channels, drawing in viewers with his crazy production quality, and entertaining them with his over-the-top action hero persona.

Responding to a member of his chat, the Two-Time Champion described how he would design a map for Escape From Tarkov, and it's every bit as epic as you would imagine it to be.

Battlestate Games
The popular FPS exploded in popularity on Twitch in late 2019.


The streamer had just started his broadcast when a donation asked him to design a map for Escape From Tarkov. "Donation for three dollars. Design a map for EFT," he read aloud. "Well I was going to," he replied.

Doc pointed out the last time he had an idea, a map came out that was similar to his concept. "You heard my last idea, and boom they already had concept art, and they already built it out. Right after I said it. So obviously I'm on to something," he said.

He then joked that the Russian developer stole his idea. "The whole urban city, little bit more dense city landscape. Like a downtown Metropolitan area. That's exactly what they did. They stole my idea! So I'm going to come up with another idea that they might post on Reddit immediately after I do this," he continued.


The Twitch star then launched into his idea for an EFT map, envisioning a sports-arena type setting. "I was thinking of a, like, stadium. Almost like a stadium with a sports complex. Practice fields outside. Big parking lot!" he said.

He then clarified that the size of the map would be closer to real life. "But it's massive. Like real-life scale. Because I think Escape from Tarkov does such a great job capturing scale in a video game. They really do!"

The popular streamer then made an observation of the game's map 'Interchange' which he compared to furniture store IKEA. "Interchange, that feels like f**king like IKEA. If a massive fire were to break out in IKEA, but it would take me a little while on where the hell to go. It's so big!"


On top of being one of the most popular streamers in the world, Guy Beahm (who plays Doc) also worked on the 2014 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as a level designer, so he knows his stuff.

The Twitch personality continues to dominate on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, amassing over 3.9 million followers to his channel.