Dr Disrespect reveals crazy idea to deepen Escape from Tarkov experience

dr-disrespect-escape-from-tarkovYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov is already one of the most immersive games in the scene, but Dr Disrespect has a crazy idea that could deepen the experience even more, and he shared it with fans.

Dr Disrespect is a huge fan of Escape from Tarkov. It wasn’t the case back in September 2021, but it didn’t take long before it won him over. He even claimed it’s just one change away from “taking over gaming.”

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The two-time certainly still has some gripes with the title. However, he is fond of the immersive experience it offers, and he’s come up with a crazy idea to make it even better — giving players unique launch options for PMCs and SCAVs.

Battlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov is already immersive, but Doc has an idea that could make it even better.

“Do you know what would be sick?” said Doc. “If Escape from Tarkov was broken into two different ways to launch the game and the experience within each is different.” Then, he broke it down in more detail.

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“If you launch the game as a PMC, it looks kind of like how it is now. You’ve got your inventory, tasks, and all that stuff. It’s all unique to your PMC career, and obviously, you play the game as a PMC. You spawn in early and all that stuff.

“But then you can launch the game as a SCAV, and the whole UI and the interface and the way you navigate is a completely different sort of experience. It’s like your dedicated career for the SCAV. The role of the SCAV is still the same.”

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Doc admitted the idea is a lot to take in. However, he thinks it’ll add to the immersion of the Tarkov experience. “In terms of a high-level fiction idea, it’d be cool if you could choose, and there was a deeper layer to it.”

Doc isn’t the only streamer whose been enjoying Escape from Tarkov in 2022. Shroud and Summit1g have been in and out of the action, too, and there’s a good chance they’ll jump back in again during the next server wipe.

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Perhaps the two-time will implement something similar to his idea when his game studio, Midnight Society, releases their own game down the road. In the past, he’s hinted it will be a “vertical battle royale.”

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