Dr Disrespect reveals his biggest gripe with Escape from Tarkov

dr-disrespect-tarkov-biggest-gripeYouTube/Dr Disrespect / Battlestate Games

Dr Disrespect has been enjoying his time on Escape from Tarkov since the last wipe, but he revealed his biggest gripe with the game; the addition of the inertia system, which impacts movement.

In September 2021, Doc made it sound like he wasn’t planning on getting back into Escape from Tarkov anytime soon. However, he’s been having a blast on it in recent months and even claimed it’s just one change away from “taking over gaming.”

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That doesn’t mean he thinks it’s perfect, though. During his stream on January 21, he revealed that his biggest gripe with the game is the inertia system added in Patch 12.12, which added more weight to walking, strafing, turning, and jumping.

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Doc has thoroughly enjoyed his time on Escape from Tarkov.

“I appreciate the game. I really do,” said Doc. “But if I had one gripe with Tarkov, [it would be] the inertia feel of the game. It doesn’t feel good. I get the purpose of it, and I respect it. But I feel like an out-of-control 700-pound useless gamer.”

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In response to a fan who said it feels better the more you level up, he said: “I hope so. It feels so sluggish. That’s the intended design, but the super sluggish feel… that’s one thing I couldn’t do, man. I couldn’t commit to making that.”

Doc also claimed he wouldn’t implement something similar in his own game. “I respect what they’re doing. But for me and for the game that I would want to build, it has got to be a game that f**king feels good, man.”

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He doesn’t get that smooth feel from Tarkov. However, he admitted it could be because of the frame-rate issues. But that’s pretty much the only thing he doesn’t like about it. “I do like the intensity. I do like the high-risk, high-reward gameplay.”

The implementation of the inertia system hasn’t put Doc off the game, though. He insisted that he understands why the developers added it and respects their decision. He just doesn’t like how it feels.

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He also isn’t the only streamer to pinpoint certain gripes about the game. Shroud said that he wishes the enemy A.I was programmed better, while summit1g wants the developers to add priority queues for players who crash or disconnect.

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