Zoe Laverne responds to child abuse allegations after piercing daughter’s ears

TikTok: DawsonDay1, Instagram:ZoeXlaverne

Musical.ly turned TikTok star Zoe Laverne is no stranger to courting controversy. Most recently a video of her piercing her 6-month-old babies ears has turned more fans against her.

Baby ear piercing is a contentious topic at the best of times. Arguments for and against the practice exist, throw a controversial TikToker into the mix and you have the perfect ingredients for an internet storm.

A  recent video in which Laverne and husband Dawson Day were seen piercing their baby’s ears at their local mall has attracted attention on TikTok

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Explaining the tears seen in the video, Dawson explained that her baby was “crying like that [because] she’s teething.”

The video has resulted in an outpouring of negativity and parental advice on Twitter.

“Zoe Laverne getting her daughter’s ears pierced and…im cringing. First, I know this is something people do culturally, but please, go to a professional. Piercing guns are not safe.”

Responding to the hate, Zoe took to Instagram in a series of stories addressing the situation. “Please do not compare child abuse to getting your ears pierced.”

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Continuing her justifications Laverne stressed “piercing places wouldn’t allow children or babies ears pierced if it was abuse. You are allowed to get a baby’s ears pierced at 2 months old.”

Instagram: Zoexlaverne
Taking to Instagram to hit back at people claiming the piercing is child abuse, Laverne posted this in stories that have since expired.

Likening her baby’s experiences to her own, Zoe said “I got mine pierced at 6 months old as well. A lot of you are making it too deep.”

Closing out her first story Laverne wrote “[people] are too sensitive.” Finishing up her explanations, Laverne made a final story about why she got the baby’s ears pierced at all. “it’s also better to do as a baby! They don’t touch their ears and they forget about it,” before requesting “please just keep your opinions to yourself.”

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