ZEvent 2021 sets new Twitch record after raising $11 million for charity - Dexerto

ZEvent 2021 sets new Twitch record after raising $11 million for charity

Published: 1/Nov/2021 20:20

by Bill Cooney


French streamers at the marathon ZEvent ended up setting a new record for charity streams on Twitch — bringing in more than $11 million by the time things were all over.

Since 2017, some of the biggest names in French content creation have joined together to raise funds each year for charity during ZEvent.

Not only did streamers raise more money in 2021 than ever before, the event also broke its own world record for charity streams on Twitch.

ZEvent 2021 sets new world record

The stream ran from October 29-31 for 2021. Playing every type of game imaginable, ZEvent streamers managed to raise €10,064,480 ($11,661,662) for Action Against Hunger.

It was a massive haul, and set a new world record for a charity stream on Twitch. The eight digit amount also shattered the old Twitch record, which was €5,724,377 ($6,632,807) from ZEvent 2020.


While definitely a massive event in French-speaking areas, the 2021 festivities got plenty of attention from the rest of the world, as well.

Pokimane contributed €10,000 ($11,586) of her own to the cause, which caused quite the freakout from the streamer on at the time.

ZEvent 2021 even got a shoutout from French president Emmanuel Macron before it was all said and done.

By mobilizing together, we can move mountains: You did it ZEvent 2021, you did it again this year! Congratulations,” the leader said.

It’s hard to say who or what kind of event might be capable of taking the record away from ZEvent. If anything, the best guess might be that ZEvent 2022 could be even bigger and raise even more for charity. For that, we’ll just have to wait and see.