Zerkaa steals Valkyrae’s pickup line in viral Sidemen video, but it doesn’t end well

Zerkaa Valkyrae pickup line header imageYoutube: Sidemen

The Sidemen Tinder in Real Life 4 is up on YouTube. During the video Zerkaa can be heard using one of the pick up lines Valkyrae suggested to him earlier in the year — although it didn’t go well. 

Sidemen and friends just uploaded their Tinder in Real Life video, with the crew sharing their best (and worst) pick up lines. It was a jammed packed video and a massive collaboration between many content creators.

As the opening suggests, this video has been “over a year” in the making. The latest Tinder in Real Life video was a return to the series that the crew had done years prior. In 2020, they uploaded a UK YouTuber Edition. This recent upload was the USA YouTuber edition.

The men sharing their pick up lines included the likes of Logan Paul, KSI, Mike Majlak, George Janko as well as the main Sidemen crew. The women they were shooting their shots against were also popular figures in the internet space.

When the boys are sharing their pick up lines on Abby Rao, Zerkaa uses a line that fans might have heard before earlier in this year. He introduces himself to Abby and then hits hers with his pick up line. “Hi I’m Josh, I’m 29. I love watching sunsets but I’d rather watch you go down instead.”

Abby is quick to reject the line and Zerkaa, respectfully declines by saying “I’m going to have to say no Sir.”

While the line may not be the best ever, it is a fun callback to one of the options Valkyrae gave him during a stream she did in February this year. One Reddit user was quick to pick up on the moment and shared it on the platform.

When on stream, Zerkaa asked her for pick up line suggestions ahead of the recording of the Tinder in Real Life video. During her stream, she suggests he use the line: “I don’t like sunsets, but I’d like to see you go down.”

She also suggested he use the line: “I’m jealous of your heart, it’s inside you pumping and I’m not.”

Another highlight from the recent video include Logan Paul’s interaction with Sky Bri. When Paul goes up to speak to her, he brings up the fact that she has actually already hooked up with his brother, Jake Paul.

She then confesses that she has but quickly states that Logan is the “cuter brother.”