Fake Zendaya TikTok account is verified and trying to scam fans

Connor Bennett
Actress Zendaya next to TikTok logo
Instagram: Zendaya/TikTok

Fans of actress Zendaya have been left a bit baffled as a private TikTok profile with her name has been verified but is actually promoting scams. 

As TikTok has grown into one of the most-used social media platforms around, many well-known names have joined in with the fun.

A few celebrities have become regular posters on the video-sharing app, but there are plenty of others who have accounts just to lurk and watch the videos on their For You Page.

In recent weeks, fans of actress Zendaya have been trying to get accepted to follow a verified, private profile that bears her name. However, it doesn’t appear to be above board.

hand holding phone tiktok app
Unsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hub of entertaining content from all sorts of well-known names.

Does Zendaya have a TikTok?

As noted it’s not uncommon for celebrities to have private accounts on TikTok, however, there are a few red flags about the one claiming to be the Spider-Man co-star.

First off, the account name – zndayaofficial – has a glaring spelling mistake, with the ‘e’ from Zendaya missing completely. All of her other social accounts just Zendaya, too, as the username.

On top of that, it has the classic fake celebrity bio that talks about ‘giving back to fans’ through a link that encourages to give their details in hopes of receiving a gift card. Additionally, all of the videos on the private profile urge fans to read the caption that has been posted alongside the video, with those spam links once again appearing regularly.

Screenshot of TikTok account claiming to be actress Zendaya
Twitter: Sugarlandfan14
The Zendaya TikTok account has all sorts of spam links.

Zendaya fans concerned about TikTok profile

There’s no telling if Zendaya actually has a TikTok profile of her own, with most of the accounts on the platform only being spam or fan accounts.

Naturally, some fans aren’t buying into the account, urging TikTok to remove the verified tick. “HOW ARE THEY GETTING VERIFIED? Is it really that easy???” asked one fan. “So there’s just gonna be a new fake Zendaya TikTok account every week girl now on or what?” quizzed another.

Should fans report the account in mass, and it’s proven to be fake, it’s likely to be taken down. Though, others will probably pop up in its place.

If the actress is going to appear on the platform, she’ll most likely use her name just like her other social profiles. So, keep an eye out for that.