Zayn Malik’s sister slams “irrelevant” Jake Paul amid Gigi Hadid breakup

Zayn Malik sister calls out Jake Paul amid Gigi Hadid dramaInstagram: zayn, waliyha.azad / YouTube: Jake Paul

The sister of singer Zayn Malik, Waliyha Malik, is hitting back at YouTuber Jake Paul after the influencer-turned-boxer slammed Gigi Hadid amid ongoing harassment allegations against Zayn.

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid have officially parted ways amid accusations that Malik allegedly struck Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid.

While Malik has claimed that he did not hit Yolanda, he plead no contest to four counts of harassment and was sentenced to 360 days probation. The couple have since split apart, although they remain firm co-parents for their daughter, Khai.

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This altercation brought up an old beef between YouTuber Jake Paul and Malik. In February 2020, Paul called out the singer on Twitter, claiming Malik had “basically told me to f**k off for no reason when I was being nice to him.”

Jake Paul slams Zayn Malik in TweetTwitter: Jake Paul
In February 2020, Jake Paul called out Zayn Malik on Twitter, claiming the singer was not cordial to him after Jake tried to make nice with the star.

Jake Paul feuds with Gigi Hadid over Twitter

This prompted a short spat with Hadid, who told Paul that Malik didn’t “care to hang with you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies” and called her now ex-boyfriend a “respectful king.”

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A year later, amid the ongoing harassment claims against Malik, Paul lashed out at Hadid again, writing: “Your ‘rEsPeCtFuL KiNg’ punched your mom in the face.”

Zayn Malik’s sister calls out Jake Paul amid Gigi Hadid drama

This interaction didn’t go unnoticed by Malik’s family. Zayn’s sister, Waliyha, made a biting comment toward Jake and his father, Greg Paul, in a scathing Instagram stories callout.

In her post, Waliyha shared our September 2018 report covering allegations that Greg Paul had purportedly engaged in inappropriate activity with underage girls, although these accusations have not been confirmed.

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Sharing a screenshot of the report, Waliyha wrote: “Instead of making TikToks about other people and their lives, you obsessed beg, how about you make a TikTok about your own family matters? But then again, no one gives a f**k about your irrelevant arse.”

Zayn Malik sister Instagram storyInstagram: waliyha.azad
Zayn Malik’s sister called out Jake Paul in a scathing Instagram post after his comments toward Gigi Hadid.

Waliyha is referencing another callout post Jake made toward Malik, which he uploaded to TikTok. In the video, the influencer laughs at the ongoing allegations against Malik, writing, “How the turns have tabled” (a reference to The Office).

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Thus far, Paul has yet to respond to Waliyha. In the meantime, it seems like Zayn and Hadid’s relationship is officially in the books as the ex-couple negotiates custody of their daughter with lawyers.

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