YouTube’s pointless NELK Boys punishment and Leafy’s daft Twitch ban

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YouTube and Twitch have recently been handing out big punishments to popular influencers, including the NELK Boys and LeafyIsHere — and Under The Influence dives into the problem with these creators and the platforms.

Both Twitch and YouTube have been handing out punishments to influencers in the last few weeks, with the NELK Boys’ YouTube channel becoming permanently demonetized and Leafy following up his YouTube ban with a swift Twitch ban.

Twitch cited that the Leafy ban was for the ‘safety of the community,’ though the “community” themselves weren’t convinced by this explanation, supporting Leafy by saying that he hadn’t actually broken any Terms of Service, potentially opening a huge grey area for other creators who rely on these platforms.

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Richard Lewis and Mike Kent deliver their verdict on the week’s biggest online drama in the first ever episode of Under the Influence.