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YouTubers test ‘world’s strongest trampoline’ against cars, boats & more

Published: 4/Mar/2020 1:02

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube group ‘How Ridiculous’ and creator Mark Rober came together to test what exactly happens when you throw some ridiculously heavy objects on the world’s strongest trampoline, to outrageous results.

Sometimes, human curiosity cannot be satiated — and that’s where YouTube comes in.

Australian YouTube group ‘How Ridiculous’ teamed up with former NASA engineer Mark Rober to test the mettle of a trampoline specifically designed to withstand the likes of twenty bowling balls, a van, and even a boat from a 45-meter height.

Mark Rober, YouTube
Former NASA engineer-turned-YouTuber Mark Rober designed a trampoline built to withstand massive objects like a boat, a car, and more.

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To support the ridiculous objects being tossed on top of it, the trampoline weighed a whopping two tons, made of Kevlar mats held together by 144 garage door springs that Rober designed with the help of How Ridiculous’s squad.


After working through the night to assemble the monstrosity, their trampoline was finally ready to undergo testing — and the objects they chose pushed the structure to its limits.

Mark Rober, YouTube
Mark Rober’s trampoline weighed two tons and was held together by 144 garage-door springs.

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To begin, How Ridiculous threw a bowling ball from a 45 meter tall tower, which made for an interesting — if a bit tame — experiment.

The group decided to turn things up a notch by multiplying that bowling ball by twenty. Their slow-motion cameras caught the chaos in high definition, with a good number of the balls actually breaking apart on impact and speeding outside the “blast radius.”

Of course, that wasn’t the most ridiculous object the YouTubers chose: the Aussies finished their experiment by using a small boat, which actually got a solid bounce off of the Kevlar mat (although it did take some external damage).


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Rober himself decided to conclude his test of the trampoline with a four-door sedan, which scored a huge bounce off of the structure, successfully bending the car’s outer frame irreparably in the process.

In fact, the only real damage the trampoline took was to a few of its springs and a section of the metal framing, leaving the invention mostly intact after a series of intense tests.

The YouTubers’ outrageous videos were so curiosity-inducing they soared to the top of YouTube’s trending page shortly after being uploaded, proving there’s no shortage of wonderment when it comes to combining science with the ever burning question – what if?