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YouTubers The Dobre Twins under fire for “messed up” death prank

Published: 16/Jan/2022 11:23

by Georgina Smith


YouTubers Marcus and Lucas Dobre are under fire after they uploaded a YouTube ‘prank’ video in which they pretended Marcus had died, with commenters calling the video “disturbing.”

The Dobre Twins are YouTube content creators with over 24 million subscribers, who are known for posting viral prank and challenge videos.

On January 10, the brothers uploaded a video with the title ‘My Twin Brother is Dead?’ which opens with Lucas showing viewers what appears to be a ‘suicide note’ from Marcus.

The note asked him to split all their assets with their family, and said that he’d left Lucas something in the backyard. After waiting for his other brothers to arrive, they went out into the backyard, and found a small headstone.


At the end of the video, Marcus appeared on camera and confirmed that he’s not dead, and said that he just wanted to prank his family.

The video was met with a wave of backlash from commenters who felt that the ‘prank’ was in bad taste.

“This is literally one of the most disturbing videos, you think it’s okay to joke about suicide?” one comment read, “especially to a young and impressionable audience, so gross, shame on you guys, joking about suicide will never be okay.”

Comments responding to Dobre Twins YouTube video

Another commenter wrote: “This kind of content is so so sickening. It’s very distasteful and to say that I’m disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. Suicide isn’t something anyone should joke about let alone clip together and make a video about to ‘prank’ your young and impressionable audience.”


Several commenters said that the video is the “perfect example” of why YouTube shouldn’t have removed the dislike button.

The video is still live at the time of writing, and it’s currently not clear whether or not the twins plan on addressing any of the backlash they’re receiving.