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YouTuber who coached crying son for thumbnail finally returns after controversy

Published: 29/Jan/2022 11:59

by Georgina Smith


Influencer Jordan Cheyenne has returned to posting on YouTube, months after she came under fire for posing with her crying son for a video thumbnail.

Jordan Cheyenne is a lifestyle YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers, who in the past has posted a range of content from ‘get ready with me videos’ to dieting and meal prep content.

In September 2021, Cheyenne uploaded a vlog titled ‘We are heartbroken’ in which she told viewers that their new puppy had contracted an illness.

However, an unedited clip was left in the vlog that showed the YouTuber telling her distressed nine-year-old son to “act like you’re crying,” to which he responded, “I am crying.” Cheyenne told her son specifically how to pose for the thumbnail.


The clip received a huge amount of backlash from across the internet, with many describing the influencer’s actions as “disturbing.”

Following the controversy, Cheyenne stopped uploading online for several months, but on January 25, 2022 she uploaded her first video back, titled “I was canceled worldwide & my life changed forever.”

“Five months ago I made a terrible, terrible decision, which I am so deeply upset with myself for, that I can’t even articulate,” she said. “I’ve had such a deep sadness within me that everything that happened, and that has kind of crumbled to be totally honest with you.


“In my world, the past five months, I’ve had such a deep regret and sadness that I’m the one that caused that. I chose to put my content and making a video ahead of the emotional needs of Christan in that moment, and it’s been my absolute biggest regret.”

Cheyenne also went on to talk about the effect the online backlash had on her. “The cancelation and the messages and the death threats that I’ve got, and the comments that I’ve got.

“People have put my address out there, my family’s personal information, harrassed my family, harassed my family’s jobs, hacked into all of my accounts on every level, sh*t that has been absolutely terrible for me, and put me in such a state of, I’m gonna be honest, a few months ago I was in a really really bad depression.”


She also went on to reveal that she has made the decision to no longer show her son Christian on her channel, as she returns to regular content.