YouTuber WhistlinDiesel faces jail time for “splashing water” with jet ski

Whistlin Diesel Jet Ski IncidentYouTube: WhistlinDiesel

YouTuber Cody ‘Whistin Diesel’ Detwiler is facing jail time after he and his crew were stopped by the police in Tennesse for splashing water with his jet ski.

Since creating his channel in 2015, Whistlin Diesel has amassed over 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube with his off-the-wall stunts and other various videos like helping a 14-year-old High School student after his tractor was impounded.

While he records most of his videos on his own property, occasionally he has a run-in with the local police — whether they’re on duty or not.

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The YouTuber had a run-in with an off-duty Tennesse police officer while he and his crew were riding their jet skis on a lake and now he faces a year in jail.

Whistlin Diesel TractorYouTube: WhistlinDiesel
Whistlin Diesel orchestrated a tractor drive in to a fans school after the school impounded the kids tractor.

WhistlinDiesel faces jail time

On May 22, Detwiler posted a video on his YouTube channel showing an interaction he and his crew had with an off-duty police officer in Tennessee. After sinking their boat, one of the members of the Whistlin Diesel crew was making waves while riding a jet ski, causing the officer to get angry because they were in a “no wake” zone.

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This meant that they weren’t supposed to make waves in that area.

Just a few weeks later on June 14, WhistlinDiesel uploaded another video regarding the situation where he explained that he and his crew are facing misdemeanor charges and up to a year in jail for the incident.

Cody detailed in the video that the police are offering to drop all of his charges in exchange for the YouTuber using his platform to get fans signed up for the local boating safety course.

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However, because the crew member being charged would lose his college scholarship, WhistlinDiesel is getting his lawyer involved — potentially delaying the court trial for “years.”