YouTuber was banned on Twitter for a year after insulting Dopey from Disney’s Snow White

VitoComedy banned on twitter for insulting dopey from disneyTwitter/VitoComedy/Disney

A comedy YouTuber has finally been unbanned on Twitter after a year for using an “ableist slur” to describe Dopey from Snow White.

YouTuber ‘Vito’ is a rising content creator who reviews all sorts of TV shows while also pulling off some fun stunts of his own.

Back in 2019, he made rounds on social media after he ‘vaped’ Belle Delphine’s bath water in a viral stunt that shocked the internet.

Now, after a year since being banned on Twitter, Vito had returned and revealed the shocking reason for his absence.

Vito reveals Twitter ban for insulting Disney character

In a return tweet, the YouTuber explained that he was banned on Twitter for a year after he used an “ableist slur” to describe the character of Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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“I promise to avoid insulting any Disney-brand characters moving forward,” he vowed.

According to Vito, his account was being flagged by haters after he attended a Netflix protest where activists called on the streaming platform to drop Dave Chapelle. The YouTuber opposed the protestors and held a sign that read “We love Dave.”

Vito claims that his “haters” tried to get him banned and mass-reported his account in hopes that Twitter would suspend him.

“They mass-flagged a number of my tweets, but the Snow White one did me in!” he exclaimed.

Since being unbanned, Vito had expressed excitement to be back on Twitter and plans to share more of his love of comedy and free speech – something that has been a hot topic on the platform since Elon Musk purchased it late last year.

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Dexerto has reached out to Vito for comment.