YouTuber Vitaly’s girlfriend streaks across field during Champions League Final

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Twitter

Popular YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is known for his hilarious antics and x-rated content – content that his girlfriend, model Kinsey Wolanski, advertised during her run on the football pitch during the 2019 Champions League.

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Wolanski took off across the field during the middle of the Champions League final on June 1, wearing a black, high-cut one-piece swimsuit with the name of Vitaly’s x-rated website, ‘Vitaly Uncensored,’ emblazoned across its front.

The model interrupted the final game in a major way, struggling to keep her swimsuit together as she was made a vain attempt to dodge security.

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While she was quickly escorted off the field after being caught, boyfriend Vitaly couldn’t be more proud of his sweetheart, writing, “I can’t wait to marry you.”

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Apparently, streaking runs in the family, as Vitaly himself staged a similar prank during the World Cup Final in 2014.

Although he wasn’t wearing a skimpy swimsuit, he ran out onto the field with his shirt lifted over his head, with the words, “Natural born prankster” written on his chest in what looked to be Sharpie marker.

While Vitaly has since been banned from football pitches following his 2014 prank, many fans across the internet noted that he had found an ingenious way of streaking in spite of his restrictions.

“I don’t fucking believe it,” Australian YouTuber and commentator Jake Buckley wrote of the matter. “Despite being banned from every stadium in the world… Vitaly still found a way to streak in the UCL Final.”

“Vitaly has been banned from every stadium for streaking,” another user wrote. “What does he do? Get his girlfriend to streak for him wearing his merch. Legend.”

Vitaly is an avid content creator, hailed for his popular YouTube channel with over 9 million subs and his separate website – which advertises “wild pranks, tits and ass, and no rules.”

However, girlfriend Wolanski boasts over 664,000 followers on her Instagram account, having also starred in 2019 movie ‘Slasher Party.’

Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram model, ran across the football pitch during the Champions League final – a hilarious turn of events, considering her boyfriend has been banned for a similar stunt that took place in 2014.

While this marks Vitaly’s latest scandal, the YouTuber likewise gave controversial social media star Logan Paul a sound slap across the face during rapper Desiigner’s 22nd birthday party a month prior – not because of a beef, but in preparation for Paul’s now-defunct slap-battle with Russian champions.

Wolanski has yet to speak on her “streak” across the field as of the publication of this article.