YouTuber ‘TheSmithPlays’ hits out at "hypocritical" Fortnite streamers

by Joe Craven


Popular YouTuber Patrick ‘TheSmithPlays’ Smith has tweeted his disapproval of what he considers to be hypocrisy in the Fortnite community.


Patrick Smith has amassed an impressive following of over 2,500,000 subscribers, regularly playing and uploading Epic Games’ third person battle royale, as well as Call of Duty’s Zombies mode and Apex Legends.

The Canadian often makes videos giving his opinion on in-game skins and guns, and has now shared his opinion on what he considers to be double standards from Fortnite players.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Fortnite is now on its eighth season.


On March 14, Smith tweeted what he considers to be an “unpopular opinion”, arguing that it’s hypocritical of Fortnite players to complain about opponents being “sweaty” or “tryhards”. 

Fortnite content creators can often be seen complaining about in-game opponents who they deem to be “sweaty”, implying that other players are concentrating to the point of perspiration, and that they should be playing more casually.

However, Smith believes it’s hypocritical of players to criticize others for playing seriously and putting considerable effort in, when they are ultimately trying to do the same. He goes on to state: “You’re saying people shouldn’t try to win, so that I, who is also trying to win, can win”.


He concludes the tweet by admitting “the player base is good, but this is such a backwards excuse”, referencing the improvement in the average standard of Fortnite player since the game’s explosion in popularity in late 2017.

Despite his suggestion that this view is an “unpopular opinion”, at the time of writing, his tweet stands at over 2,700 likes, suggesting a lot of people agree with him.