YouTuber Stromedy calls out Bryce Hall for $100k fight as beef reignites

Stromedy next to Bryce HallInstagram: stromedykyle / brycehall

YouTuber Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey has called TikToker Bryce Hall out with a $100,000 fight offer, months after they clashed following Godfrey’s offer to Tayler Holder.

The ‘influencer ‘boxing’ industry has certainly proven to be a lucrative one over the years, with stars like Jake and Logan Paul making enormous amounts of money from their sporting achievements.

One of the biggest events of 2021, Battle of the Platforms, saw popular creators from both YouTube and TikTok fight it out to figure out once and for all who the better platform was.

Prior to the event, YouTuber Stromedy wanted to take his shot at stepping into the ring with TikTok star Tayler Holder, offering $100,000 in a series of videos. Bryce then confronted the influencer in public, asking him if his offer to Tayler was serious.

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Bryce and Stromedy even ended up stepping into the ring together for a round, though there was some contention over who won.

Now, Kyle is reigniting the beef between the pair with a new fight offer.

In an Instagram video, the YouTuber said: “Yo, Bryce, you f**king bobblehead. I thought the dinosaurs went extinct, you T-Rex short arms b*tch. You didn’t get paid your five mil so you’re probably desperate for my $100k so you can fix that terrible hairline.

“And our last fight was pretty embarrassing. We went one round, you didn’t get one hit on me, you were pretty much wrestling me the whole fight, so I say we go the full mile, and I’ll see you when you’re back from Hawaii playing with the Island Boys.”

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In early January, Bryce challenged TikTokers The Island Boys, saying that he would “take em both at the same time in a boxing match.”

Hall has yet to respond to Stromedy’s callout, but whether he will take him up on the $100k offer remains to be seen.