YouTuber Slimecicle reported CallMeCarson to police over grooming admission

Published: 5/Jan/2021 15:48

by Jacob Hale


Following a number of allegations being levied against YouTuber CallMeCarson, accusing him of grooming younger fans and being inappropriate with them, former Lunch Club member Charlie ‘Slimecicle’ Dalgleish has revealed he reported Carson to federal law enforcement.

Formerly in YouTube group Lunch Club with Carson, Slimcicle left suddenly in early 2020, distancing himself from the group and, more importantly, Carson.

Now, on January 5, 2021, allegations have been made by fans of Carson about him grooming them when they were younger, as well as other former Lunch Club members saying that he admitted to them that “he had f***ed underage girls.”

While Carson has yet to respond to the claims being made, they have been bolstered once again by a former friend, with Slimecicle now releasing his own statement about the ordeal.

callmecarson grooming accusations
Instagram: callmecarsonyt
A growing number of grooming accusations are being made against Carson.

Just a few hours after news started to break across social media, Dalgleish released his statement, saying that he has already reported Carson to the police after he admitted to exchanging inappropriate messages with a girl he “believed to be 17.”

“In an early 2020 phone call, Carson told all the Lunch Club members and our group manager that he had exchanged nudes with an unnamed girl he believed to be 17,” the statement reads. “I immediately reported this information to federal law enforcement, cut all ties to Carson, and withdrew completely from Lunch Club.”

At the end of the statement, Slimecicle reveals that the reason he hasn’t spoken out before was to protect the victim, saying that he “took every step to protect the unnamed victim and report the information I had to authorities.”

Obviously, these allegations and the involvement of federal law have been building for around a year, if not more, at the time of writing, despite news only breaking now.

How this pans out for Carson and his former Lunch Club friends remains to be seen, though it’s not looking good for the YouTuber. He has yet to respond to any of the allegations made against him from the Lunch Club members or victims.


MaximilianMus deletes channel after Cr1TiKaL dubs him “worst Youtuber”

Published: 24/Feb/2021 13:50 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 13:55

by Jacob Hale


After MoistCr1tiKaL called him the “worst YouTuber,” fellow content creator MaximilianMus appears to have deleted his channel entirely.

MaximilianMus has been somewhat controversial throughout his YouTube career. He has been accused of bullying others on several occasions and under various circumstances, building up a solid fanbase for his edgy content as well as a number of critics.

For example, streamer and content creator WEEST exposed Mus in 2019 for urging his followers to harass and humiliate WEEST on stream.

Cr1TiKaL calls Max “the worst YouTuber”

He had built up around 1.5m subscribers but at the time of writing on February 24, his channel is non-existent on the platform.

Many believe that the creator deleted his channel entirely due to a video posted on February 19 from Cr1TiKaL, or Penguinz0, in which he calls Mus “the worst YouTuber.”

Discussing how Mus himself admits to “only doing these things so people make videos about him,” Cr1TiKaL goes in on the YouTuber, referring to him as a “parasite that thrives off of attention and controversy.”

In the video, embedded below, he shows screenshots of Max saying controversial things in Discord, including accusing others of pedophilia to his legion of fans. He also explains how Maximilian would often get his fans to head in their droves to bully and send abuse to others, such as in the case of WEEST.

MaximilianMus deletes YouTube channel

If you head to Max’s YouTube channel, you simply find an empty channel that says it does not exist.

This was also shown off by WEEST himself, who celebrated and danced to the fact on stream after checking YouTube.

Although Max himself hasn’t come out to explain what has happened to his channel, it seems very likely that he has simply deleted his account.

Whether or not he comes back is another question, but with many of his peers not impressed by his actions, MaximilianMus might be out of action for a while.