YouTuber sends Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime drink flying around the world

YouTube: Kysha

When a YouTuber by the name of ‘Kysha’ decided that he wanted his bottle of Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration to be cold, he did what everyone would least expect — he sent it to space. 

Long-time rivals Logan Paul and KSI revealed that they had squashed their years of beef for good on January 4, 2022, when the duo announced they had collaborated together to create a new sports drink called Prime Hydration.

Since then, the product has been tested by a variety of influencers, including TheStradman, who replaced a car’s engine oil with the sports drink.

Now, UK-based YouTuber Kysha has taken things to the next level as he sent a bottle of Prime into space just so he could enjoy the product at a colder temperature.

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How to buy Logan Paul and KSI Prime Hydration drinkInstagram: drinkprime
PRIME Hydration is available in Walmart, Kroger, and many more stores.

Kysha sends Prime Hydration flying into space

In a video uploaded on February 16, 2022, Kysha explained that his refrigerator had broken and he wanted to enjoy a nice, cold Prime instead of at room temperature. So, he had used his knowledge to figure out a plan to send the bottle into space in hopes that when it landed, it would be cold.

He and his friends quickly began making a cage that would hold the tropical punch flavored drink and set off to track down the helium needed to make it fly.

After a few snags with acquiring the helium, the friend group finished mounting the Go-Pro camera and tracker to their homemade mount and set the bottle off on its maiden voyage.

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While the bottle began traveling at 100 miles per hour, they all jumped in a car to drive across the country in hopes that Kysha’s calculated landing spot was correct. Several hours later, the tracker revealed that he was wrong — the bottle had flown over the ocean and into Belgium.

The group of friends drove back to their house that night, and Kysha went on a trip with his father the next day. A few hours later, they received tracker confirmation that the bottle had stopped moving.

Kysha and his dad arrived at the location, and successfully found the bottle of Prime completely intact. Much to the YouTuber’s excitement, the drink was as cold as he expected.

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While the sports drink quickly sold out, they’ve announced they’re working on a restock. If you want to be like MrBeast and try Prime — check out how to buy.