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YouTuber saves stranger from potential eviction after random encounter

Published: 2/Apr/2022 11:16

by Sam Comrie


YouTuber Crispy Concords has met plenty of interesting people across his videos, but a wholesome Omegle interaction with a stranger may have saved them from becoming homeless. 

Parker Stevens, known as Crispy Concords to over 2.34 million YouTube subscribers, is a gaming and reaction content creator. Since joining YouTube in 2013, Crispy has gained a loyal following by capturing his ongoing shenanigans, which often leads him to meet new and unique people.

Omegle is often the place to be for Crispy, with one of his interactions gaining traction for preventing a stranger from losing their home.

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YouTube: Crispy Concords
Crispy’s YouTube content ranges from Omegle adventures to creating random songs.

YouTuber Crispy Concords pays Omegle stranger’s rent

In Crispy’s video ‘Omegle…but I’m high’, the YouTuber and TikToker spoke with a variety of people, leading him to an unexpectedly uplifting conversation with Amber. Before learning of her financial situation, Amber explained: “I currently have three jobs…I work…I’m very broke.”


“I live alone and I support myself, I got a lot of bills,” added Amber. Becoming concerned with her well-being, Crispy asked whether she was in debt: “I’m about to be, I’ve got everything paid off right now, but I’m about to have more bills come through.”

The Omegle user noted that she’d feed her dog before herself, often choosing to skip meals, in a bid to save money to prevent getting evicted from her home.

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“How much money do you think you would need to be financially stable?” asked Crispy before he sent $500 without hesitation to the fortunate stranger.


The donation clearly felt surreal to Amber: “Stop! No you’re lying, but no I don’t think you realize…if I got evicted I would literally have nowhere to go cause my own parents have liked denied me.”

Crispy’s actions haven’t gone amiss with viewers, with TikTok users labeling him the “GOAT” and a “King” for helping someone in need.