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YouTuber Rosanna Pansino reveals why her dog “Cookie” passed away

Published: 22/Mar/2020 20:18

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber, baker and actress Rosanna Pansino updated fans with an emotional video on March 21 explaining the sudden passing of her French Bulldog, Cookie, due to unexpected health issues.

While Pansino addressed the matter via Instagram and Twitter, the star realized she hadn’t opened up about the full story on her YouTube channel, which boasts an impressive 11.9 million subscribers.

The YouTuber explained that she became wise to her dog’s health issues after Cookie declined to eat her breakfast, which prompted Pansino to take her furry friend to the vet right away.

Rosanna Pansino, Instagram
Rosanna took to YouTube to explain the sudden passing of her pet French Bulldog, Cookie.

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Although the veterinarian claimed her pooch was fine, Pansino demanded her dog undergo a series of tests in the event of a serious complication.


This ended up being the right call, as they discovered her dog’s kidney levels were concerningly high.

After hearing this alarming news, the YouTuber rushed Cookie to an emergency vet clinic, where the pet was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Rosanna Pansino, Instagram
Rosanna explained that her pup was diagnosed with kidney disease, which came on quite suddenly and even spurred an autoimmune condition in the pooch.

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That wasn’t the end of her pooch’s health issues, either; she later suffered from an autoimmune reaction that caused her body to attack itself, and despite doing everything in her power to keep Cookie alive, Pansino’s pet sadly passed away on March 8.

“She had so much more life to live,” she explained.

“She just was taken too soon, so I think that’s why this loss has felt more difficult and traumatic, and also the bond she and I had was unlike any other bond I’ve ever had with another animal.”


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This unfortunate news comes shortly after the passing of her father in December 2019, who made several appearances in her cooking videos.

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Despite being diagnosed with Leukemia six years prior to his passing, Pansino claimed her father “refused to let his diagnosis stop him from living life his way” — something she addressed in her March 21 video about Cookie.

“It was also really difficult because of the loss of my dad,” she said. “Cookie and my dad’s symptoms, and how they passed, were so similar. It is a little haunting, actually, and that is what I am dealing with right now.”


Pansino’s fanbase has come out in full support following her back-to-back massive losses. But, in spite of the tragedy, she is determined to celebrate her pup’s life by sharing their happy moments together in the midst of what’s an anxious time right now for the entire world.