YouTuber Roman Atwood announces new initiative to donate to small Twitch streamers

Roman Atwood, YouTube / Lindsay Wasson, The Seattle Times

Popular YouTuber and family vlogger Roman Atwood has launched a new T-shirt design, which is playing a huge role in one of his upcoming initiatives.

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Atwood outlined his plan for the clothing during a vlog on March 22, where he explained that his Smile More ‘glitch’ graphic T-shirts are being used to help donate to small-time Twitch streamers.

“We’re taking two dollars from every one of these tees, so if you buy one of these tees, two dollars of it will go to a grinding streamer,” Atwood said. “I’m looking for the guys and girls grinding for like, four people.”

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Atwood then rolled a clip of himself donating $100 to 15-year-old Fortnite streamer Joseph ‘JTReview,’ resulting in an emotional reaction from the youngster during a live broadcast.

Atwood’s initiative has since garnered praise across the internet, with commenters plugging their favorite small-time streamers in the hopes that they will benefit from his charitable project.

Romanatwood.comRoman Atwood’s new initiative seeks to grow small-time Twitch streamers, donating $2 from every T-shirt sale of his ‘glitch’ tee to a grinding broadcaster.[ad name=”article3″]

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The Smile More shirts are available on Atwood’s website in adult and youth sizes, priced at $24.99 each.

Roman Atwood isn’t the only major YouTuber to shout out small streamers on the grind, either; Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is also known for his jaw-dropping acts of charity, and has donated mass amounts of cash to Twitch streamers in multiple videos.

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In fact, MrBeast made so many donation videos that he claimed to be tired of them; however, the YouTuber soon returned to the practice shortly thereafter, although he continues to branch out with other forms of content (like his $200,000 Apex Legends battle royale challenge).

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