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YouTuber reveals terrifying effects after 24 hours in VR horror games

Published: 7/Aug/2020 17:27 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 13:22

by Georgina Smith


Dara Tah is an Irish YouTuber producing 24 hour challenge content. His most recent endeavor was to undergo 24 hours of virtual reality horror gaming, and the effects lasted longer than he’d anticipated.

Dara has produced a variety of “24 hour” style content on his growing YouTube channel. Some of his most popular challenges include staying in a public toilet for 24 hours and sleeping in Ireland’s most haunted cottage alone.

But he took this to the next level when he embarked on his most recent challenge: staying in a virtual reality horror game for 24 hours straight.

Dara Tah 24 hour VR horror challenge
YouTube: Dara Tah
Dara Tah undergoes 24 hours in virtual reality horror game

He enlisted his girlfriend to help film him, and also to bring him food so as not to break the 24 hour streak.


Prior to starting he mentioned he was most worried about nausea, having “never done VR before.” His friends were not optimistic that he would last the full 24 hours.

He submerged himself in games such as A Chair in a Room, Dreadhalls, and even had a surf through Google Earth as a break from the horror.

“Literally living in a horror game” was taken to the next level, when Dara tried to sleep with the headset on, snoozing to the sound of “crazy screechy cannibal guys.” 

The lingering effects

He ended the video a few days after he had finally removed the headset, only to find that the effects had not totally stopped.


Dara explained that “the sensation that I’m still in a headset has kind of ebbed into real life,” and that he sometimes felt surprised that his hands “are actually attached to arms.”

Perhaps most frightening of all, the “sense of dread that anything could be round the next corner” has stayed with him days after the headset came off.