YouTuber reveals how Mr Beast actually made his fortune from Bitcoin

Mr Beast and BitcoinPixabay/MrBeast

A new video could explain how YouTube star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson really made his money investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin before becoming a huge sensation as an influencer.

The video, created by YouTuber ‘Bulldog Finance,’ digs into Mr Beast’s past, and how – when he first started making videos – he was heavily invested in Bitcoin.

During an appearance on KEEMSTAR’s ‘Mom’s Basement’ podcast, Mr Beast was asked about how his old house was broken into and how he may have lost some Bitcoin, although he managed to recover it and move it to a different wallet.

According to Bulldog Finance, some time ago, Mr Beast purged his channel of all cryptocurrency content. However, there is still some evidence proving that they existed, such an old article that discusses how the YouTuber bought a $100,000 car through cryptocurrency investments.

Additionally, Reddit comments from some of Donaldson’s early fans recall the existence of videos about Bitcoin and other investments. One user even suggested that Mr Beast had an older account on the site by the name of ‘mrbeast6000.’

This account, while not confirmed to be Mr Beast, does have some striking similarities to the YouTuber. For one, while it’s not mentioned in the video, Mr Beast’s own YouTube channel is technically under “MrBeast6000,” as seen in the address bar of his page.

Plus, the account has promoted Mr Beast videos on the Reddit, with the most damning piece of evidence being a League of Legends video posted on the YouTube channel showing the in-game name of ‘Beast60000.’

Mr Beast reddit accountReddit
The mrbeast6000 Reddit account often talked about Bitcoin.

“Based what I would regard to be the balance of probabilities from the content of the account’s past activities, I believe this is Mr Beast’s old Reddit account,” Bulldog Finance claimed.

The account’s comments range from referencing ordering one thousand graphics cards for a crypto warehouse to discussing the risks involved with cryptocurrency investing.

“It’s clear that Mr Beast was a competent cryptocurrency investor,” the YouTuber said. “It’s also clear that by his initial surge in wealth creation that Mr Beast was able to begin upscaling the budget of his videos, introducing a style similar to what we see today.”

It’s certainly a very interesting concept, and could very well explain exactly how Mr Beast began his rise to fame and amassed his fortune.