YouTuber Preston reveals which viral TikTok life hacks actually work

Preston, YouTube

Popular content creator ‘Preston’ Arsement tested many of the top viral TikTok life hack videos to see which ones actually worked.

The TikTok app, formerly known as Musically, has exploded in popularity towards the end of 2019 and has seen a massive spike in users on the platform.

Users create short videos on the app which are typically around fifteen seconds long before publishing them for everyone to see.

Preston, YouTube
Preston and his friends tried to replicate many of the viral life hacks they had seen on TikTok

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TikTok creators have come up with many different approaches to creating a viral video, but sharing some simple life hacks to make someone’s day a little easier has proven to do quite well on the app.

YouTube star Preston has built a massive following for the wide variety of content across games such as Minecraft and Fortnite as well as his popular Vlog series.

In the popular content creator’s latest vlog he set out to debunk and prove right many of the viral TikTok videos that have been leaving viewers shocked.

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Preston gathered his friends and family and began trying to replicate many of the unusual life hacks that had gone viral.

Among the list of hacks featured included ones such as turning the inside of a watermelon blue with soda, creating pancakes on a coffee machine and a trick to make any pack of chips resealable.

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To his surprise, there were quite a few life hacks that ended up working out successfully, such as cleaning dirty shoes with toothpaste, although for the most part the majority of the ‘life hacks’ were quite difficult to pull off.

It is possible that some of the life hacks he took inspiration from could have been faked or exaggerated by the creators in an attempt to go viral, however, the ones that actually worked out for Preston were quite impressive.