YouTuber PopularMMOs responds to allegations of being arrested for domestic abuse


Popular Minecraft YouTuber Patrick ‘PopularMMOs’ Julianelle is telling fans not to believe everything they hear after claims that he’d been arrested for domestic abuse surfaced online.

The records, which are from Duval County, Florida, state that a man – who, at the very least, has an identical name – was booked into custody on May 16 at 11:15 PM.

They also state that he was arrested for allegations of domestic battery and causing bodily harm, and was later released on a $2,503.00 bond.

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Additionally, according to a police report, the accused was reportedly in a physical altercation with his girlfriend while they were having sex. Eventually, his girlfriend bit him and ran out of the house naked.

Neither party completed any of the paperwork and were placed under arrest.

PopularMMOs is denying the claims, telling fans “don’t believe everything you hear.”

“I will need to address the false accusations soon,” he added.

While these allegations and the name alone do not confirm that the YouTuber was in fact the one arrested, a report by Heavy suggests the accused and the content creator are one and the same.

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According to Heavy, the public information officer for Jacksonville police said “Yes, he was arrested,” and confirmed the charges.

Things only get stranger when factoring in PopularMMO’s wife Jen into the mix. As spotted on Twitter, she liked and then unliked a tweet with Pat’s alleged record on it.

However, she later clarified that this was not intentional. “I do not use Twitter regularly and when I was messaged about all this drama I went on to see what was being said. By accident I liked a tweet that is now being seen in a poor manner,” she explained.

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“Pat never in the 10 years we were together laid a hand on me,” she continued. “I just want to say this because I feel Pat is being unfairly portrayed. I apologize for adding more smoke to the fire and I did not want to get involved, but do not believe everything you hear from people who know nothing of the situation.”

PopularMMOs boasts a fairly impressive Minecraft YouTube channel, boasting over 17M subscribers. He has yet to upload a video since news of the allegations and his supposed arrest surfaced.

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