YouTuber mocked for claiming you should have a Lamborghini in your 20s

tiktokTikTok: sebastianesquedaa

A YouTuber is being mocked after a TikTok video of him claiming everyone should own a Lamborghini in their 20s because of how easy it is to get $200,000 went viral on the app.

Over the last few years, TikTok has provided an increasing number of people with ways to make money — sometimes a rather significant amount — through promoting what they do for a living.

That includes dropshipping, with people ordering items from websites like AliExpress for cheap and selling them for a profit.

YouTuber Sebastian Ghiorghiu recently found himself under fire after a clip of him went viral on another creator’s TikTok page claiming everyone in their 20s should have a Lamborghini.

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YouTuber mocked after claiming it’s “incredibly easy” to get $200k

Uploaded on January 20, the TikTok clip has been viewed over one million times.

“If you’re a guy in your 20s and you don’t have a Lamborghini, you should actually sit down and have a serious discussion with yourself as to why you don’t have a Lambo,” he said.

“I realize now that it’s so incredibly easy and there’s so much money out there and $200,000 relative to what is out there is chump change.”

Viewers quickly took to the comments, mocking the creator’s comments in the process.

One user replied: “I deal with very wealthy people all the time, all their children are out of touch with reality like this kid.”

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“Extremely out of touch with reality,” another user replied.

“There’s no way people like this actually exist,” a third commented.