YouTuber makes MrBeast an insane 100lb play button for hitting 50 million subs

MrBeast next to subscriber button made by Daniel KrafftInstagram: MrBeast / Daniel Krafft

YouTuber Daniel Krafft has surprised MrBeast by creating an insane-looking custom play button to celebrate him hitting 50 million subscribers on his main channel.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is undoubtedly one of YouTube’s biggest creators. With millions of subscribers on each of his channels, and a huge presence online, he has a thriving career in content creation and social media.

He’s best known for his crazy ideas and kind-heartedness, setting up bizarre challenges for friends, subscribers, and strangers in return for insane amounts of money. In the past, he’s given away cars, houses, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, all in the name of entertaining his audience.

Now he’s hit the huge 50 million subscriber milestone, many are keen to give something back to the star, and that’s exactly what Daniel Krafft and his team did.

In December 2020, Daniel uploaded a video in which he showed the process of designing an elaborate ‘play button,’ a gift given to creators by YouTube when they hit certain subscriber numbers.

The final design looked incredible, and the video received over 8 million views. MrBeast himself even commented, “Now can you build it and send it to me?”

That was all it took for Daniel and his team to get to work actually bringing the intricate design to life – though the process certainly wasn’t easy.

After months of hard work, the final product was absolutely stunning. The creation was made out of a mix of gold, titanium, and other materials, with the eye being made out of the oldest meteorite ever recorded. Daniel revealed that the video, “took 3 months and about $15,000 to make.”

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They even delivered the masterpiece to MrBeast in person, and the YouTuber star looked super impressed with the 100lb play button. Jimmy even revealed that YouTube doesn’t give out 50 million subscriber play buttons anymore, so this was an even better replacement.

Daniel and his team did an incredible job on crafting this piece, the hard work being well worth it in the end.