YouTuber Kai Cenat goes viral with song ft. NLE Choppa: Bustdown Rollie Avalanche

Kai Cenat on YouTube with NLE ChoppaYouTube: Kai Cenat

Twitch star and YouTuber Kai Cenat has made his intentions as a rapper well known – often laying down the same ‘bustdown rollie avalanche’ verse at every opportunity, and he’s finally turned it into a full release, featuring Memphis-native NLE Choppa.

Cenat, 20, is best known for his streams, as well as prank videos on YouTube, which have earned him over 2 million subscribers, and 1.2 million Twitch followers.

He’s also a member of the content group ‘AMP’ – but his ambitions to kick off a musical career have always been there too, and long-time fans are all too familiar with his ‘bustdown rollie avalanche’ bars.

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The verse, which ironically features the line “this my first time rapping it”, has been Cenat’s go-to when he gets the chance to spit in front of other rappers, or feels like dropping a freestyle, but now it’s finally a full release.

Kai Cenat drops Bustdown Rollie Avalanche with NLE Choppa

On May 8, Cenat released the music video to accompany the track on his main channel, and it’s racked up an insane number of views already.

NLE Choppa’s feature on the track (who also raps the bustdown rollie avalanche line) will have given the video a boost, but clearly, Kai Cenat is capable of pulling in big viewership on his own – most of his regular videos eclipse 1.5 million views.

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In fact, only 12 hours after release, it has over 2 million views – 1 million of which came in the first 2 hours.

Kanye West also dropped a surprise music video for his ‘Life of the Party’ track from Donda, which is on track to manage around 1 million views in 12 hours.

Although this particular verse became a bit of a meme among Kai’s fanbase, he never let it go, and his dedication was bound to pay off.

Surely now, though, that this song is released, he’ll need to come up with some more verses for his next release – or maybe we’ll just get a full album release of bustdown rollie avalanche over different beats?

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