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YouTuber Josh Brueckner proposes to girlfriend after boxing win

Published: 10/Nov/2019 2:27 Updated: 10/Nov/2019 2:55

by Virginia Glaze


The long-awaited KSI vs Logan Paul boxing rematch is the talk of the town – but another fight on the card is setting the internet abuzz, and it’s not because of a brutal knockdown.

Social media star and MMA fighter Joshua Brueckner made an appearance on the undercard against opponent Tyler Smith for a Cruiserweight bout, which he won by unanimous decision.

However, it wasn’t his landslide victory that caught the public’s eye – instead, it was a surprising development that took place during his post-fight interview in the ring.

Josh Brueckner, InstagramBrueckner popped the question after his boxing debut.

Brueckner’s girlfriend, fitness influencer Katie Betzing, was in attendance at the fight, who first met the star during her very first day of boxing class at his gym.


While giving his thoughts on his November 9 boxing match, Brueckner pulled out a ring, asking Betzing to marry him in an unexpected turn of events.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, come here baby,” the fighter admitted. “I don’t want to spend another day without you.”

The Mirror / DAZNBrueckner got on one knee in a surprise proposal to girlfriend Katie Betzing after his boxing debut.

Betzing accepted his proposal in a heartwarming moment that rocked the stands, joking that she had become “sweaty” after embracing her now-fiance.

“I’m speechless,” she said of Brueckner’s proposal. “This is insane.”

katiebetzing, InstagramBetzing and Brueckner met at the boxing gym.

Although touching, Brueckner’s proposal wasn’t the only major event to happen that evening: the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch has all eyes on the sport of boxing, with names like Billy Joel Saunders and Devin Hayes taking part on the card.


With their first bout resulting in a majority draw, the YouTubers are set to settle their long-standing grudge once and for all, drawing crowds to the Los Angeles Staples Center in hopes of a decisive victory by knockout.

KSI, TwitterThe KSI vs Logan Paul rematch is drawing crowds to the LA Staples Center.

With mere hours left until the rematch begins, fans and critics alike are waiting with bated breath for the outcome – but lovebirds Brueckner and Betzing have shifted the vicious atmosphere with the tenderness of their affections.