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Entertainment • Apr 18, 2019

YouTuber James Charles responds to accusations of performing public sex act at Coachella

YouTuber James Charles responds to accusations of performing public sex act at Coachella
James Charles, Instagram / Masterfile

James Charles is one of YouTube’s most popular makeup moguls - but he’s making the rounds on social media for more than just his eyeshadow palette, lately.


Charles hit up Coachella 2019 following major fan speculation that the YouTuber was secretly dating male model Gage Gomez.

In fact, fans were so keen to find out who Charles was involved with that one viral video got pinned on the makeup artist - which showed two individuals engaged in a sex act while taking a ride in Coachella’s (largely transparent) Ferris Wheel.

The clip in question can be viewed here. (Caution: this content is NSFW!)


James Charles, Instagram
Popular YouTuber James Charles hit up Coachella 2019 in some skin-baring outfits - prompting some to believe that the makeup mogul even took a NSFW ride in the festival's Ferris Wheel.

Did James Charles get freaky in the Ferris Wheel?

Despite Charles's penchant to put his booty on display with his risque outfits for the festival, the YouTuber has apparently denied any involvement with the video in question, according to Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

KEEMSTAR questioned Charles about the video in a Tweet on April 17, which he followed up with a probable statement from the makeup artist that claimed, “...this is not him going down while going up and around.”


Charles' dramatic dating life

In fact, Charles had previously addressed rumors of dating fellow YouTuber Jeff Wittek in a video on April 12, after fans paired the two together following Jeff’s appearance in Charles’ vlog with David Dobrik.

That’s not all; some of Charles’ more emotional Tweets have likewise garnered ample speculation, after the YouTuber broke down in a dramatic post in February where he stated that he “continues to go for the same type of insecure cute boys and it gets me hurt every. Single. Time.”

Charles' 'Crush' video stirs up controversy

Charles’ Coachella controversy follows yet another debacle of his from earlier in the week, after the YouTuber was accused of making transphobic comments during his video with Wittek.

“There have been girls in the past that I thought were really beautiful,” Charles said, after being questioned by Wittek if he was “fully gay.” “There’s also been trans guys in the past who I was really, really into for a moment in time.”

Charles has since explained his comments in the video in a follow-up Tweet, claiming that he had “unintentionally implied” that transgender people were invalid.

Charles has been a subject of controversy due to his YouTube fame - even causing a massive gridlock in a UK city due to an overwhelmingly popular meet-and-greet event in early 2019.

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