YouTuber James Charles hits back at rumors of alleged sex tape leak

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber and makeup guru James Charles has been forced to defend himself once more against allegations of an alleged sex tape.


Charles previously denied reports that he had appeared in a sex tape, which leaked online in January of 2019. Now, he has spoken out again, as speculation about the tape continues to circulate.

Rumors sparked throughout Twitter on January 28, after users began posting that they’d found an intimate video featuring an individual that appeared to be Charles – which some claimed had been posted to Instagram.


Charles addressed the issue shortly thereafter with a sarcastic Tweet, writing, “Apparently my sex tape is going around!!??? This is exciting news to me, considering I'm still very much a virgin lol.”

However, that wasn’t enough to quell the rumors, which continued to spread throughout early February.

Charles snapped back at the speculation once more on February 5 with another humorous Tweet, stating, “If my sex tape ever DID leak, you all would know, because I'd be posting it everywhere, fully monetized, with 34 mid-roll ads.”


This latest drama follows Charles’ controversial meet-and-greet at Birmingham’s Bullring shopping center in January, where a reported  8,000 fans crowded the shopping center to get a glimpse of the YouTuber.

In fact, so many fans attended the event that major intersections in front of the mall were placed in a gridlock, with motorists unable to progress in a four-hour-long standstill.

The Bullring shopping center in Birmingham saw massive crowds as fans flocked for a chance to meet makeup guru James Charles.


A number of media outlets, including the Daily Mail, criticized Charles’ internet fame following the debacle, after which Charles appeared on UK radio show LBC to set the record straight on the state of fame in the modern age.