YouTuber hits 100m+ views & #1 on trending with 20 second Coke and Mentos shorts

AnthonySenpai puts Mentos in Coke in YouTube shortYouTube: AnthonySenpai

After posting several short videos of himself dropping Mentos in Coke, YouTuber AnthonySenpai has garnered over 100 million views and made it to number 1 on the trending page.

YouTube is home to just about every type of content you could possibly imagine, and over the years has become a key hub for viral videos.

But one app that’s experiencing a rapid rise in popularity is making other platforms rethink their strategy when it comes to the kind of content they push on their site. TikTok has built an empire out of 1 minute long videos that feature anything from lip-syncing to comedy, and it’s increasingly becoming the go-to place for viral content.

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YouTube launched its new feature, YouTube Shorts, in the US on March 18. As the name suggests, users can use a basic editing tool to create their own short videos, with this new type of content integrated into the platform as a whole.

It’s clear that the rollout is proving successful, as creator AnthonySenpai managed to garner a ridiculous amount of views from his shorts.

In one video uploaded on May 6, the YouTuber is shown pouring Mentos into Coke and letting it fill up a bunch of water balloons. He runs away dramatically and grabs a broom, pointing it at the slightly underwhelming experiment.

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Unexpectedly, the short video garnered 138 million views within just 10 days of being posted — an insane result for an account with 346,000 subscribers.

But that wasn’t just a one-time thing. Anthony went on to post another Coke and Mentos video on May 14, and in two days that short clip has gained over 35 million views, along with hitting number 1 on the trending page.

The comment section of both videos are filled with people poking fun at the YouTuber’s over-the-top reaction, and wondering how the video ended up getting such a crazy amount of views.

It seems as though YouTube is keen for its new ‘Shorts’ feature to take off and rival TikTok, which may account for the effort they are putting into the new endeavor.

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Regardless, the views on Anthony’s videos will no doubt inspire many to give the new feature a go, in hopes that they may be able to achieve viral success.