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YouTuber Hank Green responds as Ranboo fans compare him to Minecraft star

Published: 26/Jul/2021 13:31

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber and author Hank Green responded to some wild Twitter speculation that he is, in fact, the man behind Ranboo’s channel as he was quite confused by all the comparisons.

For years, hiding your face and real name has been something many YouTubers have chosen to do. It adds to the allure of their content as fans are desperate to find out who they are.

Of course, that leads to some wild speculation, but there are plenty of YouTubers who like to have fun with it. As we’ve seen in the past, some faceless YouTubers will bring together a varied selection of other content creators and get them to claim responsibility for hiding behind the mask.


Minecraft Ranboo, who is a part of the DreamSMP server with the likes of TommyInnit and Tubbo, is one of those who chooses to keep his identity pretty secret, wearing a black and white mask to hide his face whenever he appears on camera.

The DreamSMP server is by far Minecraft’s biggest.

Some fans on Twitter believed they had cracked the code and claimed that Hank Green, who is a part of the uber-popular Vlogbrothers channel with his brother John, was the person pulling the strings behind the Ranboo channel given the similarities between the two and their vibes.

So, after being inundated with comments about it, he finally responded on TikTok, noting his confusion. “I’m afraid to talk about it on Twitter, so I’m gonna talk about it here,” he started.


“I see people on Twitter all the time saying Hank Greene has Ranboo vibes. What is a Ranboo vibe? Can you guys tell me?”

@hankgreen1Is it bad?♬ original sound – Hank Green

Plenty of fans quickly responded and informed the YouTuber that it wasn’t actually anything to worry about. “Ranboo vibes I think are just very friendly and a little bit chaotic sorta like a golden retriever?” said one fan. “Oh this is great news,” he replied.

So, despite the speculation, you can probably cross off Hank Green as the real Ranboo, and the wait goes on to see if the Minecrafter will ever fully show his face.