YouTuber finds most expensive McDonalds in the world and it’s “barely edible”

drew binsky youtuber rates venezuela mcdonaldsYouTube: Drew Binsky

A YouTuber who travels the world and tries McDonalds in as many countries as possible wasn’t impressed during his ventures to the most expensive McDonalds in the world in South America.

Drew Binsky has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, travelling the world and visiting a multitude of countries to experience, and showcase, life and different cultures across the globe.

Of course, you wouldn’t be getting a true comparison without trying different McDonalds’. They’re a global corporation and beloved by most, a sanctuary for the confused traveller who is unsure what to do in new territories.

Luckily, if you’re making plans to travel, Binsky has traveled to 194 different countries, and now he’s given us one place we should definitely avoid when it comes to the golden arches: Venezuela.

drew binsky youtuber in venezeulaInstagram: drewbinsky
Venezuela is the 194th country Binsky has visited.

Venezuela is a beautiful country that, in recent years, has struggled economically. In turn, we’ve seen hyperinflation and the value of their currency, the Bolivar, drop significantly. Despite this, McDonalds prices there continue to rise, becoming the most expensive country for McDonalds in the world in relation to national wages.

So obviously, while staying there, Binsky had to test whether it was really worth the money, and left utterly disappointed. Paying around 17.5m VES (~$7 USD) for his meal, Drew was warned by his friends that it wouldn’t be worth the price — and they were right.

“It’s edible, but barely,” he said after biting into the Big Cheddar, their version of the Big Mac. He then went on to express his disappointment with the nuggets’ packaging, as well as the “rough” nuggets themselves.

Timestamp 4:10

Binsky goes on to explain that he’s a big fan of going to McDonalds in other countries, but in Venezuela, he has to give it a rating of 3/10. He even spoke to some locals who weren’t happy with their McDonalds experiences either, even saying that they got cucumber in their Big Macs instead of pickles.

So needless to say, with so many more food options in Venezuela, this is probably one place you should avoid looking for your home comforts.