YouTuber Eugenia Cooney shocks the internet with striking transformation photo

Virginia Glaze
Eugenia Cooney, Instagram

YouTuber and internet personality Eugenia Cooney has been a subject of controversy for some time, due to her near-skeletal appearance that many concerned fans have pinned on an eating disorder – but a recent photo from Cooney has made a considerable change in public opinion.

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A photo of Cooney was posted to her hairstylist’s Instagram account on May 31, showing a drastic change in the YouTuber’s appearance.

While the picture is merely a headshot of Cooney, she appears to be in markedly better condition, prompting fans across the internet to sound off in congratulations for what seems to be a major recovery from body dysmorphia.

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Edward Tricomi, Instagram
Eugenia Cooney’s photo was posted by her hairstylist, Edward Tricomi, on Instagram – prompting a landslide of positive reactions from fans across social media.

“Eugenia Cooney is doing really good right now,” Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem wrote of the matter.

“Those new pics of Eugenia Cooney made my heart happy, wow,” a fan Tweeted.

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These photos follow a dramatic tipping point for the YouTuber in early February, after her Kingdom Hearts cosplay video attracted intense scrutiny due to the emaciated state of her body.

Fans were quick to reach out in concern for Cooney, who assured fans that “everything is fine,” despite her appearance.

Her story garnered even more attention a few days later, thanks to YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, who encouraged his fans to send her positive comments in an episode of ‘Pew News.’

“I just really want people to send her as much support and love as possible, and I really mean that,” Pewds said of the issue. “I think that’s the only thing she needs right now. I hope that she will listen to people and try and understand where they’re coming from.”

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Members of Kjellberg’s “nine-year-old army” flooded to Cooney’s cosplay video in response, leaving a slew of encouraging messages for the YouTuber in light of her apparent struggle.

Cooney later posted a Tweet on the subject, claiming that she was privately working with a doctor on her health and taking a break from social media.

While Cooney has yet to make an official return to the internet, fans are hopeful that the recent photos denote a successful recovery for the YouTuber, who has denied having an eating disorder throughout her career on the platform.