YouTuber Elle Darby deletes Twitter after racist tweets resurface

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Elle Darby deletes twitter after racist tweets resurface
YouTube: Elle Darby

Popular YouTuber Elle Darby has deleted her Twitter account after a slew of racist tweets from the influencer were uncovered and shared online.

26-year-old Elle Darby is a fairly popular influencer, boasting over 600k subscribers on YouTube and 757k Instagram followers.

Darby is best known for her YouTube vlogs, which detail her daily life and experiences as a mom of one. Darby’s content is generally wholesome and family-friendly — but a slew of her tweets that have resurfaced from 2011 are making viewers think otherwise.

On January 3, a massive list of tweets from Darby’s old Twitter account were brought to light, showing the influencer making racist remarks about Polish, Chinese, and Indian people.


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Elle Darby under fire as racist tweets resurface

The posts also contain ableist messages and included a tweet saying that she favors her “pretty four Labrador retrievers to my ugly, spiteful, mongrel cat. That b***h can go back to the RSPCA.”

The vitriol from Darby’s tweets is coming as a massive shock to fans, who have also discovered that similar remarks were made on Twitter accounts belonging to her fiancé, Connor Swift, also an influencer.

Elle Darby tweets
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YouTuber Elle Darby is facing backlash after a slew of racist tweets were uncovered from her old Twitter account.

Darby has since apologized for the resurfaced posts, writing in an Instagram stories message that she and Swift had taken “some time to look through both of our histories on social,” and were “ashamed to admit we did not like what we found.”

“These comments are not a reflection of who either of us are as grown adults, nor who we were at the time they were made, and do not align with what we stand for,” she continued.

“We are beyond angry at ourselves and ashamed that our behavior will have been hurtful to some of you who have supported our family for so long. We can only wish for your forgiveness.”

Elle Darby instagram stories response
Instagram: Elle Darby
Elle Darby responded to the resurfaced tweets via Instagram.

Darby’s Twitter account has also been deleted after the tweets resurfaced.

The influencer’s apology has not been met kindly from critics and former fans, with commenters speaking out against her behavior on her remaining social media platforms.

YouTube comments Elle Darby
YouTube: Elle Darby
Commenters have made their thoughts on Elle Darby’s tweets loud and clear.

Darby has not made any further remarks at the time of writing.