YouTuber Def Noodles explains why he is having to censor his videos

Def Noodles CensorshipYouTube: Def Noodles

On August 8th, commentary YouTuber Def Noodles explained via a Twitter thread why he is having to censor his YouTube videos to avoid demonetization, prompting anger among his viewers.

Def Noodles is a YouTuber with over 400 thousand subscribers, known for his satirical commentary videos where he picks apart influencer drama.

His videos typically feature controversial influencers, such as the likes of Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau, and Trisha Paytas, and are well received by his loyal audience.

Def Noodles Tana JakeYouTube: Def Noodles
Def Noodles discusses Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau in a YouTube video

However, on August 8, he was forced to address the comments he had been receiving from fans wondering why his videos had been increasing in their level of censorship.

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He explained that YouTube reviewers had been going through his videos “one by one and demonetizing them.” Additionally, he stressed that he is a “free speech advocate” and hates “having to censor his videos so much.”

His followers were shocked when he revealed a few of the reasons YouTube reviewers had demonetized his videos.

In one instance, the featuring of the word “mormon” in a thumbnail was listed as “hateful/inappropriate language.” In another, mentioning the word “prank” was deemed to be discussing “harmful/dangerous acts done by untrained professionals.”

Viewers speak out

Fans were outraged, saying “YouTube is so out of control.” Others suggest that YouTube is targeting drama and commentary channels specifically, as they’ve seen that “many of the ‘genre’ are suffering the same thing.”

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In the past few years, YouTube have upped their monetization regulations, receiving a huge amount of criticism from content creators on the site, who often depend on the income from AdSense at least partly to fund their livelihood.

Ultimately, these regulations have left Def Noodles with a 0% self-certification trust rating, meaning YouTube could suspend him from the partner program and prevent him from earning any money at all.

Despite the vast level of criticism from creators and audiences over the years, YouTube has not relented in their brutal takedown of monetized content. It seems they won’t be slowing down any time soon.

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